Payal Johri Dear Repo(rters), Not Every Other Scoop Is Shocking June 17, 2016

A cup of warm ginger tea over a session of hot and juicy gossip. Ahh! What an absolute delight. Who doesn’t like gossips? And even though some might not like to be a direct party to it, but will always be all ears to any news from a third party source.

But what might feel as delightful to some, might be personal and offensive for others.

A rule which most of the people are aware of but, many choose to ignore and call it by ‘let’s move on’. No, we’re not discussing ‘kitty parties’ here, we’re discussing the drooping calibre of the Page3 news that engages and entertains a wide bunch of people all around the world.

Celebrities, their lifestyle, routine, clothes, spouses, relationships, hobbies; particularly anything and everything tagged a ‘celeb’ amuses and intrigues the people, which in turn engages the paparazzi and the reporters to dig more scoop for their beloved audiences. And in their need to dig out an engrossing scoop, the privacy of some is intervened!

‘Fusing ice-cream with spinach’ like approach is their tool to dig out controversial turned out to newsworthy statements from the celebrities. And then putting words in mouth is the new cool.

To cite few examples, explain the logic behind questioning the presence of Kunal Kohli at the wedding venue of a recently hooked couple, Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover? Even if not able to find a possible link, media houses are an expert in fusing events which might not even be relevant in the first place.

Presuming the ‘agenda’ behind Kohli’s presence, the media highlighted his connection with Jennifer Winget, Karan’s ex-wife. Just look at the efforts the journalist might have put in to establish a controversy. Utter nonsense with pride having a tag of ‘shocking’.

Another, spotlighted and questionable shocking news being, Navya Naveli’s (Amitabh Bachchan’s maternal granddaughter) bikini dance performance! Now, what’s the hype all about in the first place? When our much adored and drooled over superstars can sport a bikini ‘on-screen’ so can she (and everyone who finds to their interest), especially when she is in the vicinity of her ‘personal’ space and ‘private’ party.

What has the media to do with it calling it a shocking story? Yes, you heard it right, it was a shocking video for them. Bear Grylls, are you listening? There won’t be any explanation to it from them because that is the freedom of speech for you, guys.

Where there is media, there is a news; where there is public, there are views!

But if this news in spite of being projected as news, is projected as a handful’s view then it loses the credibility of being a fair and just news.

The ‘masala’ reporters need to refocus their attention to more assertive and rightful aspects of celebrity reporting rather than trying to build up an unnecessary controversy so that if nothing, this country gives up on the mockery of journalism.

Remember the last time Times of India trended, or the revolution to shocking reports, Spotboye.



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