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With Afghanistan turning into a major round-about in the east and into a mainspring of plans, that would lead to a sustainable growth of the region, Taliban seems to be losing its intimidating grip over it.

In the recent times, Afghanistan has seen major traction from the world economies which look forward to investing and developing the nation which has seen troubled times at the hands of glooming terrorism. But, within the last year, the violent clout of Taliban seems to be diminishing with its leaders being hacked twice in such a short duration.

A recent drone strike in the Balochistan province of Pakistan claimed the life of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour. This has thrown the Afghan Taliban into a complete relapse as merely 10 months ago, the former leader of Taliban and founder Mullah Omar was announced dead. The death of Mansour leaves the empire dethroned yet again.

Mansour had the heavy uphill task of uniting the terror group under his leadership and to regain the land that Taliban lost to Afghan troops. He was equally unsuccessful with both his objectives and this meant a loss of confidence from his peers in his leadership. Taliban today is in a state of distraught where it has lost its unity.

The last successful leader for the terrorist organization was Mullah Omar, post his reign and against all odds Mansour set out to a mission, but to no good. He was strongly opposed by former leader Mullah Omar’s family when he came to power, to further pile on his trouble there were apparent rumours that a breakaway faction of Taliban, under the leadership of Mullah Mohammad Rasool, must have leaked information on Mansour’s whereabouts to the Afghan intelligence.

Now, with the immediate death of two leaders and disagreement within the group on ideas, there are growing concerns if the Taliban should reach an understanding with the government and deal in peace.

During Mansour’s time, Afghan Government reached out with a will to negotiate, but Mansour had other plans and continued to wage a war on civilians and security personnel. Even with Pakistan involved in the negotiations, things did not move beyond violent attacks and bloodshed. This is one of the reasons Mansour attracted a lot of attention from the US and hence paid with his life in return for all the unwanted killings and destruction. Mansour tried to display power in the name of anarchy, he wanted to prove his mettle to the divided rule of Taliban and centralize the power.

At this point, Mansour’s deputy – Sirajuddin Haqqani is expected to act up as the new leader, but there are no solid quotes on this.

Taliban is headless without a leader; this means a good opportunity for Ashraf Ghani led Afghanistan government to pursue talks with the new leader. They must convince the Pakistan government to pull strings at their end and the US on the other end must keep the Taliban on its toes, this might be the only window to suppress terrorism.


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