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India has been deprived of the opportunity to harness relationships with Iran for the last 13 years.

Let’s recall our sour history with our neighbors and that of the US with Iraq did cost us a set of circumstances many times. But the Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to see things set right in their places.

Earlier this week Prime Minister Modi travelled to Iran and found us a lost ally. What is regarded as one of the most significant partnerships ever is the India-Iran Chabahar deal where India promises to develop the Chabahar port and wants to turn it into a hub for Indian businesses.

In the wake of searching for new opportunities, this seems to be one of the most productive associations that India has made. More than an opportunity it is a slap in the face of crises that India and Iran have faced earlier with spoiled relationships.

More than fifteen years ago, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had initiated this democratic alliance between India and Iran. It would have been profitable in terms of energy, information technology, petroleum, connectivity and many other aspects for both the countries. But before matters could be solidified the US waged a war on Iraq, leading to enough collateral damage to relapse the democratic initiatives.

Things were left in a dormant state for years, only now has India reached back with a helping hand to help Iran get rid of its isolation. Now that US sanctions have been uplifted, it is expected that Iran is a land of exotic fruits which are untouched for years now. India with the initiative to develop the Chabahar port has promised to shell out $500 dollar and with this has welcomed new opportunities.

The port of Chabahar allows India to connect with Afghanistan and central Asia in a much enhanced manner. In the presence of both Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed the Trilateral Transit and Transport Corridor Treaty.

Chabahar being one of the key elements on this route needed construction and development so the trade route can be rendered operational. India being on its toes has already promised to release the investments for steel rails to start the $1.6 billion connectivity project.

The project could have readily kicked off with both India and Afghanistan ready to operate; it was Iran that was sent on the backfoot with internal disorder and the Iraq dilemma.

Now that a new window of opportunity has opened, all the three nations are happy to rub shoulders while the world watches in amusement. To further act as a catalyst the anti-productive forces of terrorism have weakened with the death of Afghan Taliban Leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour.

Now is the time when the three nations can join hands and welcome progress upfront.


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