Ayush Garg Creative Exploitation: Stand Up Against The Uncivilized Professionals May 22, 2016 http://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Creative-Exploitation-Cover.jpg

It is said nothing ever comes too easy. It is followed that when we fail at times, we do try to blame our fate.

Interesting part is nothing relates to the creative artists mentioned above who follow their interests with passion keeping the factor of transparency within their work and ethics. Sooner or later, everything will come along the way, come what may, and fate will be proud of them.

Disgusting part is many people so called professionals whom these creative artists work for, do not relate to the power of expression, creative storming and art, and what all they count is the factor of money, and place it above everything which is likely to be the lowermost factor of all times.

And for a few bucks, they give up their dignity, professionalism, honesty, and all what they have said before finalizing the shared proposal. In a very short manner, I would say that they give up their morals, and start misusing their rights and the chapter of creative exploitation begins.

The element of anticipation in the employer’s head to get a creative artist onboard for their work gets shifted to the artist’s head after the completion of the desired project where it is all about the acknowledgment, credit, and signed amount.

It is often heard that work is not up to the mark, even stated that you are because of us, not we are from you. Since when this kind of art of professionalism started existing in the society? Since when the ethics have turned low in the name of struggle and matter of trust? Since when people aren’t proud of what they’re giving to the society but giving their pride away for the sake of money?

People should understand that they can not spoil an art, they can never spoil one’s zeal, and even they can never survive for the long term for which they have started. The point that arises is who actually are they? Do they really belong to the society where art has been worshiped and artists are the reason for the happiness?

In an enormous number of professionals, there are a countless number of frauds, not to forget I repeat they also call themselves professionals but they are the spoilers in fact.

You can’t appreciate one’s art or maybe it doesn’t fall under the barometer of your vision through which you want to see that art doesn’t mean you are going to fool around. Know what, your fate is actually laughing at you, and mind you, every fallen tear isn’t always meant to be trusted.

There are the times when artists fall into a trap where till the end of the work, the level of enthusiasm and motivation gets higher and higher while speaking to the employer because that employer is actually waiting to get the work-in-hand and let you show the other side, the side which you haven’t ever expected, and many at times it ends with the compromises and settlements. From every thick to thin, it’s all about the lethal money, the money that comes and goes but the art remains, which they forget about!

Flipping to the other side, there are many folks who call themselves artists just to follow the fad but neither they are creative nor they are artists. Professionalism is a term which relates to both, artists and proprietors, it is not always that an employer is at fault, it is also the hired professional who shows the vice and ends up getting vanished at the time of submission, even sometimes one is unable to locate them.

People feel that ‘pretending to be nice’ is also an art and can come along the way of niche but they forget that adding “pretend” before “nice” is a humiliation to the term “nice”. Either it can be professed or it is actually nice.

There is a need to define a difference that there are people who say and repeatedly say, then, there are people who actually do. The choice is extremely yours as always but to have the right choice, that art of professionalism calls your way.

There is an abyss that professionals should perceive as early as good that audience always anticipates for a climax, and without a climax, a journey never sees an end. Do you really want to see your story ends at the interval and audience throws popcorns at you? A call to mind, it’s not always a happy ending!

Guys at Artist At Work Productions are all geared up to curb the creative exploitation. A voice to stand up against the uncivilized professionals, and let the art breathe. Be the part of the campaign!



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