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The None of the Above (NOTA) option, like previous polls, had few takers in the assembly elections to West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, and Puducherry. Voters in Puducherry used it most as compared to the rest of the four states.


According to the data collated by the Election Commission till the yesterday’s evening, 1.7 percent of the total voters (13,240) in Puducherry exercised the option followed by 1.5 per cent in West Bengal where Trinamool Congress has returned to power for a second consecutive term.

8,31,836 voters in West Bengal, 5,57,888 voters (1.3 percent) in Tamil Nadu where J Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK retained power defying nearly three-decade-old trend, 1,88,978 voters (1.1 percent) in Assam where BJP and allies wrested power from Congress, and 1,07,106 (0.5 percent) voters in Kerala pressed the NOTA button placed as the last option on EVMs.


Interestingly, a total of 2,873 voters in the high profile Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar constituency, from where Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa was elected, preferred NOTA.

It can be deduced that at least one in every 50 voters in Chennai chose None of The Above (NOTA) in the assembly election.

Political observers say NOTA is preferred by Urban voters and non-Dalit voters in SC constituencies, who would like to vent their anger without staying away from the election process. The poor, however, tend to display political affiliations.

NOTA was exercised by nearly 60 lakh people in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.


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