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Facebook Groups aren’t often talked about, but they’re a great resource for finding a community around specific topics. Whether it’s parenting, photography, startups, food or sports, there are groups for nearly every topic!

Facebook is now testing a dedicated ‘Discover’ feature to help you find these groups.

‘Discover’ makes it simple to find interesting groups on Facebook. The feature curates a range of information such as your geographic location, interests, and the list of friends, and uses it to recommend you Facebook Groups, you might find interesting.


Even if ‘Discover’ is unable to suggest the groups according to your personal interests, you can do it manually by your own to discover them yourself. This involves choosing from the groups divided into 25 pre-selected categories like networking, buy & sell, hobby & leisure, and others.


On the different side, sooner, you may not need your phone to use WhatsApp.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp might finally be fixing its biggest annoyance, and getting a client for Windows and Mac operating systems.


Although it can be accessed on PC through a web client running in the browser, it’s a very limited and inconvenient method. To use WhatsApp’s web client, your phone should be connected to the Internet. Moreover, this method requires the browser to always remain open.


A full-fledged desktop application could make it possible to use WhatsApp’s important features like document sharing and voice calls without requiring the smartphone to be connected to the Internet all the time. It would also remove the need for having a browser window open at all times.

Reportedly, WhatsApp will be soon rolling out new features such as voice mail and the ability to share zip files for iOS and Android users.



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