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India is now staged as one of the world’s biggest economies. It ranks first when it comes to the two-wheeler and automobile market, also the growing demands and increasing interest in high-end machines have resulted in attracting some of the biggest competitors from the world of Motorcycles.

Currently, the two-wheeler market in India is dominated by the lower displacement machines which serve more as practical vehicles than as an enthusiast’s ride. Yet it is very evident that the tides are changing and we, Indians, find ourselves standing at the point where the pinnacle of this industry is clearly visible and the future of the automobile industry can be prophesied to be extremely bright. This leaves every two-wheeler manufacturer in the world wanting to be a part of this change for 1.2 billion people.


In the recent ruling, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued a safety practice of providing every bike above 125 cc with an ABS. This will be implemented from 1st of April 2018. This is an awakening, for a lot of us, to a change that is pushing India to the next level of automobiles.


We have opened our markets to Harley, Triumph, Ducati, Honda, Suzuki and many of their likes ages ago. It is only now that we have seen a growing acceptance of the higher cc engines on our motorways.

Just last year, Honda launched its CBR-650F with the support of the Make In India campaign, where the entire bike was assembled at the HMSI plant in India itself. Honda has four dedicated plants in India currently, with the 4th one very recently opened.

Apart from Honda, we have seen ventures of many such International brands that don’t just aspire to serve the everyday regular commuters but are also indulging the pros.

At the Auto Expo 2016, we have seen a number of collaborations between Indian and International manufacturers to build high-end products for the Indian masses, one of the superior collaborations was that of TVS and BMW.

Together they are engineering motorcycles that would best suit the Indian audience that is slowly bridging the gap between the low-end and high-end motorcycles. One such concept bike was the Akula which is speculated to be launched early next year at a pocket-friendly price.

Make In India has been one of the key elements of the sudden upsurge in sales of two wheelers. Moreover, the technology, innovations, and the calling from the Indian youth that they are ready and geared up for a better riding experience has contributed to the volume of sales.

This upsurge is leading to a chain of causation welcoming many other investors that deal profit from the automobile industry. The rising demands have pushed the government to work on excise duties, fuel prices and other means of reducing the cost of two wheelers in India.

This combined action from the Government and Indian bikers only motivate the suppliers to innovate and provide with a better product which will lead to a more sophisticated market for two wheelers which are much economically available.



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