Ayush Garg Let’s Pray For Azaadi. Give It Up For Azaadi. April 13, 2016

I say Please, please. I just said, Please! Does it count?

Let’s make a thought very clear and particularly for those who have now lost their senses that even the Army looks a cheap bulging threat to them.

The thought is the government which is running the country has not joined the chair on its own choice but it’s us who have chosen them. The government might be wrong or right, it’s that government which we have chosen to work. It’s that government which has the majority of votes from the country citizens, not only from one political party members. Let’s make this thought very clear. If it’s not yet cleared, let me tell you, it’s a fact.

The other thought is let’s not pretend, let’s act in the right manner, more importantly acceptable manner, and then, talk on facts. Criticizing the government in a democracy is everyone’s right but criticizing for every other thing is actually foolish and sadly, not an act of God.

On one end, we find that few comrades acting unlikely comrades-likely communists shouted such slogans that they were held under sedition charges and are out on bail these days but still the stand is not yet clear of what they are but as they say so, we take it rather grab it in that way only without questioning. Keep it light and mark it as an equation ‘one’.

On the other end, we go across the reports that students were beaten by the police for hoisting the tricolor flag in a university in a rage generated by the other students who firmly believe that Kashmir is not a part of India and they call the region as India occupied Kashmir but take all privileges given by the Indian government, let it be any, which are only concerned for only and every Indian citizen. Keep it tight and mark it as an equation ‘two’.

Those comrades were made hero, received a huge media coverage, remarks were made that they are fighting for themselves in the name of Azaadi, even those Azaadi slogans became a rhyme and look like a musical anthem for the youth who support them.

The other side, the students who were thrashed in the university campus received not that media coverage and even their names are not known to many but ask anyone of those comrades, you will get to know the names of them in a particular sequence, even the surname will not be missed.

Combining those two faces of the same society under the domain of media and public’s eye, the definition of heroism looks incongruous and debatable but becomes more argumentative and judgmental.

Nothing new but the media celebrities look silent on the equation ‘two’ as they were not in case of equation ‘one’ but both the equations remain unsolved and yet to receive the right answer.

The gut-feeling says everyone knows the right answer if we don’t link both the equations with our politically biased state of mind. Not that state of mind (SoM) which one political leader claimed that poverty is a state of mind but that SoM which carries a belief of sense and upfront of facts.


The question that bangs the head is if they are fighting against the poverty-stricken and illegal practices then why Azaadi-gang questioned the running government only while received and thanked the huge favour from the opposition-political parties, even met their leaders too? When their fight was against the poverty and all such issues exist within the society, then why didn’t they question each and every government that ran the nation, and each and every political party that wants to take the power in their hands?


The disgust that confronts the eye is when Media celebrities had time meeting such comrades during midnight hours, interviewing them, asking their opinions on our prime-minister and making a hero out of them in the name of right to dissent and ignoring their faith in a terrorist then why are they silent on the issue where students were beaten who only did a favour to the nation? Have their own political favours become such a bloody big barrier to do a right journalism?


Where is that cranky blow of sound and massive tweets coverage by the media celebrities undergone which was there for equation one but struggle to find its existence in case of equation two? Are the lessons of hypocrisy, conspiracy, philosophy and humanity justified only in case one? Such big words and such lowness! Not fair, bro, I tell you, not fair!

Love for the Indian Army, love for the Nation’s pride, but no love for the people who hoisted the nation’s pride that’s tricolor flag but love for the people who shouted anti-national slogans. Has love gone beyond its limits? Such pure theme and such deprived mindset! Not good, bro, I tell you, not good!

Even saying ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ turned out a commercializing factor for the media. How good is that? By the way saying ‘thanks’ million times on your own promotions doesn’t count for the masses who have brains intact in their heads.

Dear media people, before you try to stand out next time, decide your bucket list items that what’s actually regressive and progressive for one and all, especially for your own. For better results, try to mess up both the equations!

Something, there’s something, not a niche for sure but a cliche in fact. Take my words!



I read. I write. A threat to humor, if one liners could kill. Twitter: @profylayush

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