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Sunny Leone is a vehement craze these days. She has stolen her bit of limelight and most Indians love her. Recently she did a short film which was about anti-smoking. When I watched it, I loved the way it was scripted and conceptualized. Woven in a format of a compelling story and humour it got across the message in an impactful manner.

It certainly takes a great amount of creativity to create short films having a social message followed by an impact on the society. The time span that the filmmaker has is around 15–20 minutes to make the audience ponder and act.

A couple of months back I also watched a short film by Anurag Kashyap starring Radhika Apte called ‘That Day After Everyday’. The film depicts attitude of patriarchal society that subjugates women. Struggling through the life and compromising on all fronts to sustain their marriage, getting insulted for no reason each day is a living hell for many Indian women.

As they step outside the house to earn, men watching them like hawks are ready to pounce. How do women find a way out of this maze of exploitation? Our society is built and conditioned to think that women should not revolt. But, the lead characters revolt and make their point. The fear that they will be raped or sexually abused if they revolt, stops them. When men sense the fear they attack. Women in this film learn self-defense to protect themselves.

The short film runs for 21 minutes and within this time span, the message is loud and clear. Women should learn to protect themselves from being attacked and taken for granted. It is within their power to revolt and hit back. Many filmmakers are coming forward to create such short films to spread social awareness on many issues.

Nowadays many short film festivals are arranged with the aim to popularize the medium. The audiences do gather at such festivals.

The best part of short films is that it brings out the stars of the genre and the characters look real. They are closer to life and realistic. You tend to instantly connect with the story and characters, and the audience too craves for something realistic.

It’s a good way to set your feet in the world of films. It is an opportunity to learn and a test for the filmmaker’s vision and creativity. With YouTube, it’s easier for short filmmakers to reach the audience.

Crowdfunding comes out as a great option for funding such movie concepts and is already being used in the US. In UK and Europe, government do fund short films. In India, organizations like FTII fund short films. One such film that is funded by FTII is ‘Afterglow’, which has been widely appreciated. It won the National Award for the best Short Film on family values.


“Short films are experiencing a massive surge in popularity. This is because audiences crave for a more diverse and innovative cinematic experience.”
– Fabien Riggall,
Founder of Future Shorts based in London which screens short films around the world once a year.


Yes, the experience of watching short films is glaringly different. They touch you, appeal to your mind and you want to see more and more of these films. It brings a shade of reality to the vision.


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