Ayush Garg Media Disorder: “Ministry Of AYUSH” Calls Spread Of Mischievious Misinformation, Strongly Condemns The Misreporting March 14, 2016 http://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Media-Disorder.jpg

It was reported in The Milli Gazette that Modi Government’s AYUSH Ministry has said that as per government policy, it does not recruit Muslims. This unbelievable truth came out in a reply to an RTI (Right to Information) query filed by the journalist Pushp Sharma about the Muslim teachers and trainers recruited by the Ministry of AYUSH for foreign assignments during the World Yoga Day in 2015.

Commenting on the blunt reply from the RTI, the journalist accused the Modi government of having a communal agenda which is raising the level of communal hatred in the country to a high level in government corridors as well, though it is difficult to prove it.

This above report was labeled as an expose of the Modi’s government and didn’t take the time to hit up the trends and media to make it viral calling it as “Modi sarkar’s bigotry exposed.”

And the very next day, Ministry of AYUSH hit back to it and completely dismissed the reports.

To give credential to its claim, the Ministry said:

“The Ministry of AYUSH has noted with anguish certain mischievous misinformation being spread on social media about Ministry quoting a reply to an RTI by mentioning a fabricated draft as “ANNEXURE-I” to that letter, which has never been issued by the Ministry of AYUSH or any of its agencies.”

“The Ministry strongly condemns this piece of misreporting, clearly aimed at causing chasm between Sections of Society and promoting disharmony, mistrust and planting seeds of discontent with ulterior motive.”

It’s an attempt to defame us, I will order a probe into this,
Sripad Naik, Ayush Minister said.

The question again arises that who will take the responsibility of publishing such reports? Isn’t it a media disorder?

Give it a thought what does this title reflect the image of the government? “Modi Sarkar’s Bigotry Exposed.”

Publishing dead-reports or curating the content without justifying it is more dangerous for the society and believe it or not, it’s the main cause of hatred amongst the different sections of the society. And sadly, such news reports are too mainstream these days.

We have heard a lot about the doctored videos, are we now heading towards the doctored reports?

Do not fall into the trap of the biased reporting because if you are fallen, you are nothing but a piece to get misused. Prepare yourself, and confront the naked truth!


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