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“Most women do not care about Women’s day.”

Many restaurants in Delhi have decided to do away with Women’s Day discounts and offers, as they feel the idea is `boring and cliched’ and often, even bad for business.

Offers, discounts and freebies have been a fad on International Women’s Day during previous years, but this year seems to be deviating from that pattern with many restaurants in the city doing away with such offers on March 8.

The main reasons behind this move, according to restaurant owners, include, “It hardly makes any difference to the business,” and “70-80 percent of women don’t believe in the concept of Women’s Day, so why should we have special offers?”

Saurabh Chandna from Zerruco Kitchen and Bar, says,
“The concept of discounts and offers like free drinks is too cliched on Women’s Day and feels forced. So it’s better to not do anything. This year, the number of restaurants offering Women’s Day specials is far less than it was in the last few years. One of the reasons may be that March 8 falls on a Tuesday ­ the day when most restaurants host ladies’ nights ­ so it doesn’t make any sense to do something additional while hosting the regular ladies’ night as well.”

When it comes to business, restaurateurs say that Women’s Day is not generally a day they expect a huge turnout.

Varun Puri, the owner of Imly and Molecule, feels that not offering discounts or freebies on Women’s Day doesn’t make any difference to his business.

“Last year, we received queries from some ladies, who wanted to host a party on Women’s Day, about special offers, but this year, we received none and so, we decided not to do anything. I don’t think offering additional discounts is a wise business move, as we are hosting a ladies’ night every week and I think that is enough. Even our female clientele doesn’t care too much about offers on Women’s Day,”
says Puri.

Saurabh adds that at his restaurant, he gives discounts on food and beverages to a group of 10 women or more regardless of the day, and so giving “any additional discount on a weekday didn’t sound like a wise decision.”

Abhishek Mathur, the owner of Hive-Kitchen and j Bar, says,
“70-80 percent of women do not believe in Women’s Day. It may be popular, but there are very few people who agree with the concept. So why come up with something special for a limited number of people for only a day? I think it’s better not to do anything than to blindly follow the crowd.”

Vidit Gupta, co-owner of Cafe Dalal Street in Connaught Place, adds,
“Women’s Day may be a huge deal abroad, but in India, it still has to reach that level of popularity. I am not sure how many women will go out and party just because it is Women’s Day. For most of them, it will be just another Tuesday.”

Mohit Ahuja, from L’Adresse Kitchen & Bar, Rajouri Garden, says,
“Offering discounts on Women’s Day is one of the most cliche things that restaurants do these days. For our part, we have tied up with a nutritionist and invited 100 women for a free consultation on healthy eating and weight management.”

Gurvinder and Nainjyot Dham, owners of Locale Cafe & Bar, Saket, say that rather than offering discounts, they will be distributing red roses to women who fall within the radius of 1km of their restaurant.

It seems like we’re stuck between that if the day gets scrapped then it will turn out an insult for the society where we are generating the most needed awareness of our times about women empowerment while as it’s on the calendar, the question arises do we really need one special day to celebrate the pride of a woman.

Feminism has already been lot exaggerated that to many it looks like it has become a derogatory term for man but the fact is it’s not. We certainly wish that sooner we get over with the perception and exaggeration of the terms that we do not need to justify them.

We need to bring a change in the living that one doesn’t see a patriarchal or matriarchal society but an equal and “larger than life” society. Happy living!


Information Source: Delhi Times.


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