Rinky Marwaha Concepts Demand Clarity: A Runup On The World Economies March 4, 2016 http://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Concepts-Need-Clarity.jpg

In the big & bad world of politics, there are ways of thinking which the ruling governments follow. These translate into the manner of influencing the general people to toe the line of that particular ideology.

Communism, Socialism, Leftism and Capitalism are the primary ideologies as on date. Then, there are mixed economies like India too, which try to cull out the best possible features of each system to create an amalgamation of sorts. This, they feel, would work towards the advantage of all walks of the society.

The first mentioned system (communism) aims towards setting up of a communist populace wherever and whenever it could. Via this, we will live in a manner in which there is an eradication of social classes, monies and the power of the state as it exists today.

Existence through this mode of living would mean that there is complete and total equality among all people and each and everything that comes with this format of society gets divided with no discrimination. Experts opine that those who believe in this ideology are idealistic in their behavior and thought processes. All functions of the state are owned by the working class and everyone works towards what is called the communal goal.

Also, the basic needs of all workers are met by the community. However, sadly, there is no more to be attained if one puts in more work than is assigned to a person. Hence, this results in poor production levels and a lesser scale of advancement of resources. China, North Korea, Cuba and Vietnam are some examples of countries following communism strategies.

A socialist state stands for a system in which an entire gamut of expression of a society hinges around what is termed “social ownership” and “democratic control” of the areas of production in a country. By social ownership, we basically mean any inclination right from public, cooperative, or collective ownership to citizen ownership of equity; or even a mixed bag punch of a confluence of these.

This format is similar to that of a communist state, however, to a lesser extreme. Equality of all classes, nonetheless, is the main focus here too. But, workers are a paid lot here and are allowed to spend their wages as they choose with the powers that be taking care only of the basic needs and amenities.

Leftism is a function which ups the antenna of social equality in its truest format. Very often, this version of politics pretty much openly opposes anything which puts a disadvantaged lot into a loop of any sort. People with leftist leanings tend to stick to their guns and cannot be dissuaded easily from what they perceive is the right step to take in any situation or event.

Capitalism, to some, is a bit of a more upbeat kind of economic ideology. In this, the very mainstay is private ownership of “means of production.” All energies here are channelized towards making maximum permissible profits. The basic features of this category of existence are survival of the fittest type in which it is cut throat competition which decides who gets what in the overall market shares.

Also, this variety of society has demarcations in the standards of living of people – some would be ultra rich and others, who cannot perform well, will live below the poverty line too. The United States of America, Canada and Singapore are some of the mainline capitalist countries of the world.

The terms need not to be manipulated in context to the political interests because this only doesn’t demean the society but also, a progressive mindset falls in the trap of futile sources and chances get high to be one of the misled lads.



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