Ayush Garg Tragedy Of Nation: I Hear The Voices That I’m Proud To Be Anti-Nationalist? Two Minutes Of Silence For This Shame! February 24, 2016 http://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Antinational-JNU2.jpg

No right allows anyone to be Anti-Nationalist. The level of mindset can be counted as the only factor to do so!

From saying it has no relation with sedition to Anti-nationals are no wrong, we had come this far, but there’s a long run ahead. Next is the outrage on hoisting the Tricolor flag of the nation.

It was never known that we really have such mindset to do so being the same country citizen.

Is this called the freedom of expression? Is it a right to dissent? Is this how we will become a progressive nation? Is media doing its job being neutral? Are we left to question other nations for doing any wrong to our nation? Is there a term “dignity” exists? How long will we lead playing our part being selective? Why do we try to bend every issue look communal? The list of questions is never ending, and the answers have no importance!

Protests have become a fad. Religion has become a disguise. Youth has become a material. Politics turned to the matter of vote bank. Journalism is vague. Meaningless news is what TRP about. Awareness is an ambiguity. Humility runs with a tag of ‘error found’. Exaggeration of everything is everyone’s right. Social Media has become a way to mislead. And senses still aren’t working!

There are always two terms that count: Right and Wrong! But, looking around, nobody wants to talk about the same but everybody has their own opinion which later or sooner becomes another disguise in passing a judgment. This is where we stand today!

Few days before, some students ranted slogans against the nation in the university campus calling out for “freedom” and letting everyone know that this voice will not be buried until the nation be destroyed. They were also in favor of a terrorist claiming that his hanging ordered by the highest court of the country was a judiciary killing.

Being a democratic nation, it was expected that this is surely gonna be criticized by each and everyone who is even if not proud but, at least, a country citizen. It was expected that those voices will learn a lesson, accept their mistakes, will be called misguided, and no favor will be granted to them so that nobody ever dares to follow their path.

Being a democratic nation, it was expected but it didn’t happen. How humiliating does this sound? What happened next is much ridiculous that anybody has ever expected.

The so-called powerful unbiased media didn’t question what but why. They called it right to dissent. Next day, the president of the union got arrested and one of the main leading force became absconding for a week.

The fad, protests, appeared again in favor of the president in the name of the right to dissent. In a span of few hours, those lads became the innocents, and the journey to be called proud anti-nationalists began.

Many of us tried hard (I tried really very hard) to agree with them but ended up to agree to disagree. How could this be called right to dissent? Point me to read the constitution, before that I would love to notify you to read the moral values book which you might have skipped reading before passing your high school.

The strapping prime-time debates started to happen with having several panelists on the bench in and against the favor of the same. The voices uttered but in a low tone yet not shameful when it was asked what do they mean by “India ki barbaadi”? The voices surfaced bottom of lowness when it was questioned what do they really mean by “Tum kitne Afzal maaroge, har ghar se Afzal niklega”?

Shockingly when they were told (which they already knew) that you belong to the same country for which you are talking to demolish, they voiced back justifying the note. The shattering part is what’s left to justify in such notes? Barbaadi means barbaadi, non-sense means non-sense, betrayal means betrayal, terrorism means terrorism, and anti-nationalism means anti-nationalism.

Do these terms relate to any other meaning? If yes, it can be their synonyms only, nothing other than that. But a nation where democracy is the most defined term, does the same democracy give you the right to be anti-nationalist? The answer is a Big No. Then how can you disguise such law-breaking activities in the name of the right to dissent?

The baseless issue took no seconds to become a controversy and divided the society again in the two frames. The level of insanity reached to such x-level that few journalists went in such deep emotions that they didn’t even bother for a second to call themselves “I Am An Anti-Nationalist”.

The shattering note is people look up to them for their opinions, to learn from their experience and to aspire to be the one, even they get invited to give lectures, and attend conferences in the renowned institutes of the country like IIM, but if they are going to interpret this message to the learning youth, what could be more nadir than this?

Recently, the absconding guy appeared again on the university campus, and has now surrendered against the court but media coverage more looked like a movie labeling it as “The return of the young man”. He gave a speech too and is proud to not to believe in any nationalism.

It is the need of the hour that “right to disappoint” should be immediately introduced before exaggerating the “right to dissent”.

Many media houses are not missing any gap to make such nonsensical people “our heroes”, and if they are so heroes, maybe I’m on the wrong note, why are our soldiers sacrificing their lives?

We have become so modern and educated, that if one says it’s our motherland, the other counters with an attack calling out that it can be fatherland too.

For every martyr, their heart goes out but for every anti-national slogan, their head justifies. On one side, we pay tribute to the martyrs, but on the other side, we are proud of the anti-nationalism. What kind of living is this? Karma is a bitch!

The country will never forget that in a debate on a futile and repulsive issue, a soldier who fought on the borders to make sure that the pride of the flag never falls down have been made fallen in tears countering the camouflage of so-called right to dissent.

A soldier cried! Can we now have two minutes of silence for this shame?


(The views and opinions expressed here are personal).
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