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This week, nearly a century later, mankind has experienced a scientific revelation. A theory which was much researched by Albert Einstein back in the days has finally been proved.

The existence of Gravitational Waves changes our understanding of the universe completely. This revelation has opened many new pioneering doors which lead us to a lot more knowledge on how Space and Time depend on each other.

Unlike the discovery of Gravitational Waves, there are a few other theories which have been proven wrong and have left us with a mixed bag of feelings.

Einstein’s Static Universe

Possibly the smartest man on the planet proposed something that he later himself regarded as the biggest blunder ever. As the name of the theory suggests, it was earlier considered that the universe is a static mass and its volume stays constant forever.

If I had to put this theory of Einstein across with a simple example, it would be something like this – the universe is in a box which can never be opened, moved or even touched and no matter what – the physicality of the box can never change, hence maintaining the state of the universe. If imagined, one would ridicule themselves for believing in this theory, as it is practically impossible for the volume of the universe to stay constant.

We have already come to terms that our actuality comes preceded by a long chain of causation. We first had the Big Bang, following which were laws that guide the universe and hence we enter the world of today.

Back then, people advised Einstein that a Static universe is theoretically impossible as the mass of the universe would continuously increase, to this Einstein reverted that there is a cosmological constant, what makes at Planet A would be destroyed in a different part of the universe.

The Blank Slate Theory

Today, we know that each of our mentalities and actions are a reflection of our past experiences, and there is also a flavour of nature involved in this construction of an individual.

We believe each of us has come with a built-in personality and this drives our instinct in accordance with our experiences.

Back in the ages, the likes of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas thought otherwise. They considered all our actions are driven only by experiences and moments we have lived. That our hereditary genes and the DNA passed down to us through our family tree are not responsible for our actions.

After a lot of study on new-borns and families, alphas in the field of philosophy & psychology came to the conclusion that a person’s nature is also partly dependent on his hereditary and his molecular core.

Fleischmann and Pons’s Cold Fusion

Ever thought if you could carry around a nuclear fusion in your bottle, or it might have decorated your drawing room as a mantelpiece? That is nothing to be excited about because Nuclear Fusions are only feasible at extremely high temperatures and in a scientifically customised environment.

Unlike sun, temperature which is estimated to be around 15 million degree Celsius, our drawing rooms are at a fractional level. There can be no manner possible that one could create a nuclear fusion in open earth’s atmosphere at room temperature.

But two Electro-Chemists suggested that it is possible for a causation of nuclear fusion at room temperature.

The news of this theory proposed by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons turned into a tornado and left the scientific community bewildered. Many believed and tried recreating the fusion, imitating it and faming themselves, but to no use, all the other experiments disclosed negative results.

Hence assuming that the theory was a sham and a lot of scientific aspects weren’t considered by the two Electro-Chemists. Yet, even today scientists continue their research on the Table-top Nuclear Fusion and believe they can create a scientific miracle.

Well, one thing can be simply understood by this that the trial and error method plays a significant role to innovate and, lead to secured and verified inventions.


Cover image is an illustration of two black holes colliding provided by NASA.


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