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The lower half of his body was thrown a few feet away. For a few minutes, he lay on the highway, pleading for help even as vehicles passed by.


A youth was cut into the half after a truck hit his motorcycle and ran over him on the Tumakuru-Bengaluru road on Tuesday morning reported TOI.

As he struggled to survive, he pleaded with those who took him to the hospital, and the doctors, to harvest his organs and donate these to those in need.

Harish Nanjappa, 23, died due to injuries within minutes of being taken to a hospital. The doctors harvested his eyes and donated these to a hospital.

Harish had gone to his home town Gubbi, in Tumakuru district, to vote in the panchayat elections, and was returning to Bengaluru when the accident happened.

A truck carrying sugar bags on NH-4 tried to overtake Harish’s Bajaj Pulsar. The vehicle brushed against the motorcycle Nelamangala police said, throwing Harish under the wheels of the truck.

Some passers-by and onlookers were too horrified to react to the chilling incident while other insensitive humans gathered around him to take pictures and videos of the gory event. But then some sense prevailed, Jas Toll Company, which manages a stretch of the highway, sent an ambulance in the meantime.


“Two ambulances reached Harish within 7-8 minutes of the accident being reported. He was rushed to the nearest hospital. He died a few minutes after being taken there,”
DSP Rajendra Kumar said.


The truck driver, Varadaraj, was arrested and booked for causing a death due to rash driving. A case was registered at the Nelamangala Rural police station.


“We’ve collected Harish’s eyes as he was keen on donating his organs. It’s astounding how a man who was split into two and lying on the road was able to think with such clarity. It’s unheard of. He did not suffer head injuries because he was wearing a helmet,”
said Dr Bhujang Shetty, chairman, Narayana Netralaya.


“The injury he suffered is called a crush injury, in which a person’s bones, muscles, blood vessels and skin are separated from the body. It is inhuman that so many vehicles passed by. Despite a Supreme Court order, people still refuse to help accident victims. It was heroic of Harish to think of donating his organs to help others even as he lay in the middle of a road. It is possible for a person to survive being dismembered if timely intervention is provided,”
said Dr Ajit Benedict Rayan, medical director, HOSMAT Hospital.


Harish was employed with SSMS Pvt Ltd, a Whitefield company providing logistics solutions to banks. He is survived by his parents and a brother. The family members took the body to Gubbi for the last rites.

The much saddening and less talked part is people generally talk about humanitarianism but when it comes to serving for it, there is a sudden silence which appears around but the sound of shutters from the cell phones goes never ending.

Isn’t it embarrassing? A man who was struggling with his life having his body in two parts able to convey his message for the sake of humanity but the living beings, onlookers who passed-by just operated their cell phones to cash some views or gain few shares on their social media handles.

Balls are in your court, before it gets too late to prevail humanity not just over social media but in the real life, give it a thought because changing profile pictures, marking a comment or liking a post never helped anyone and will never when it comes to encode the real life and gesture of humanity.

Harish’s selfless gesture will be remembered for a long time to come. An example to recall humanity which we have buried somewhere. Will it take several lives to relive?


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