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We aren’t getting over playing our part being selective!

Let’s start with a small example, these days we talk a lot about the gender equality, but a man ends up turning mute when he finds a reserved seat for ladies in the Metro, and avoids to take that seat even when no one’s sitting on it because you never know when a girl comes and objects on it. And it is more embarrassing when you know there’s one whole compartment especially reserved for ladies in the same Metro. No, no, gender equality, right? But reservation is prior to it!

From every thick to thin, there’s a line stretched of reservation which bounds us. No matter, how hard we try to get over with this term but in some way, we again and again get hit by it somewhere. It’s rather a dilemma from the heads in action to the state of action.

Reservation turned towards a derogatory term, instead of being a perk, it’s a way ahead to get misused being more than a perk. And it’s too demanding that if you go against it, the surroundings could get shaken up by the never-ending chaos.

Basically, the reservation system is based on the dummy opinions and on the run from several decades. Don’t you dare to take a step against it? The rails will be blocked, buses will be fired, glasses will be broken, and riots will merge to transform the living to a lot of dead souls.

What’s not happening around us to gain that “quota”?

This is the appalling state of the centralization of the brains which are more focused to gain the quota than to believe in achieving the aim, gaining the merit and status in the society.

For every third outrage in the country, there is a demand and rant for the reservation on the basis of religion, caste, category, gender, background, and what not.

The reservation has divided us in such a hopeless way that on one side, society showcases itself against to racism or casteism while on the other hand, we get to hear from the media that a “Dalit” student died.

Irony is that the factor of the reservation is the trump card which is shamefully used to gain the votes from a particular section of a society for the sake of the chair and has now become a trend whenever, wherever the elections are going to occur. People get used and are used to it!

There is a different leader for every section of the society. There is a different party. Every leader wants to uplift the people belonging to their society which is divided in the name of the categories with applied reservation tag. Every party wants to do the development for the society keeping the reservation tag at the top so that at least one section can be taken as granted when it comes to the votes.

With every assurance and reform, there is a shadow of the reservation which is demeaning and dividing the society leaving an envy for one section of the society to the other. This reservation factor doesn’t end here only!

Reservation was generally introduced to uplift the people who are financially backward or belong to the lower class in order to promote awareness, higher the literacy rate, reduce the unemployment rate and raise the overall status of the nation. But the theory of the nation is entirely different!

Theory of the nation implements to the note of the religion and caste regardless of the financial condition of the person. Several non-profit organizations and social activists raised the voice against the reservation charts but no voice have been heard rather those were completely ignored.

Having the constraint to the accessibility for the freedom to go above these illogical barriers, the question bangs the head that if one is really doing well in terms of the financial condition belonging to any category/caste which comes under the tag, does the one really need the reservation?

Aren’t you sick of such humiliating laws? Aren’t you ashamed for voting the leader on the basis of such reforms? Aren’t you disgusted that leaders have been using such tactics from decades and we haven’t realized it yet rather got divided? Aren’t you sorry for misusing the leverages?

Ridiculous to say that in this modern era, even the technology can’t help out to get away from this theory of nation unless your head gets a working model of the brain.

In the loud voice and high tone, “reservation will never be scrapped from the country” is the biggest and promising statement in the country which always gets the applauds from the public.


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