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A democratic nation will suffer the extreme from oppression,
I have never had imagined.

The dysfunctional thoughts will overpower the practical working,
I have never had imagined.

The hypocrisy will be conducted in front of the eyes every other day and no voice will come up to defeat it,
I have never had imagined.

When the mindset is to be progressive but the conduct is regressive. When the will is to be a giver but the conduct is selective. When every right gets in vague but every wrong gets a favor. Welcome to the world of politics where the loudness and hypocrisy are what make you stand out, stand still and stand with an honest expression. Does the impression matter? Not really!

It is sad to state that irony of the nation has come up to that every Hindu is trying to prove that the one is secular while every Muslim is trying to prove that the one is patriotic.

Everyday news and the news full of controversies, and those controversies circle around the circumference of religion. Who gets what? They know the better but it is all happening because the circumference has a tangent of votes as well.

Recently three cases happened signifying the color of blood. But nobody bothered for the blood, rather the politics to divide has started over it, and guess what, it worked.

The three cases happened in Dadri, Malda and Hyderabad, forget the name of the places and why the incidents happened, and now, let’s name it according to the religion and caste, it works more in this way here.

Dadri, where a Muslim was murdered and Hindus were blamed, the controversy shook the country not because of a crime but a Muslim minority has been suppressed by the Hindu mob.

Malda, where the riots happened against the Hindus on the issue of religious beliefs, and Muslims were blamed.

Hyderabad, where a student attempted suicide and died but the issue grabbed the limelight because of his caste, which made him labeled as a Dalit student.

Media ran the headlines that a “Dalit” student died, “Muslim” was killed and “Hindus” were repressed. And then, the same media questioned the government that why it is happening.

The debates run over the channels for continuous long hours, the different spokesperson from the different parties justify their own causes but nobody wants to face the depth of the issue. In the end, the output comes out with a tag of no solution and we stand at the same pole where we were, or maybe we have gone a bit backward then but there’s no chance that we have stepped up.

The question is what makes them to not to step up? The answer is same that the circumference of religion which has the tangent of votes. Then why don’t we shout out? The answer is quite different that we are bounded by the “self-interests & sentiments”.

We forget about the wrong and right over the sentiments. We feel fine according to what suits us regardless of the exploitation, it could let happen. We are centric to our own self interests and eccentric to the other’s sentiments. Of the very known irony these days, even the colors are now divided dependent upon the religion.

It is what we are going through that the hypocrites practice racism in the different variants depending upon the mood and come up with a policy of pseudo-secularism trying to play their part of being selective.

It is said that we only see what we want to see. We aren’t going to concede it but it is what we practice it. It’s a disgust to oneself and the society. It’s the misery.

Does it make you sad? It does, but is it going to change anytime sooner or later? It can, but when? Silence! This is where the ignorance occurs and every right being suffers.

Many of us count ourselves under the category of the “right” but if everyone is so right, who’s the bloody wrong then? This is what is the power of being selective. This is what the real misery.

Do not forget, the grief and the hypocrisy go hand-in-hand and they are really good friends these days! Should we also give a background music to it? Acknowledge your existence!

Are we going to change? Wish the question gets a right answer in a lifetime of someone!

The misuse of the liberty. The exaggeration of the choices. The misery of the nation.


Cover Image Source: Koshy Koshy.

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