Ayush Garg The End Of The Year December 31, 2015

It’s the last day of one more year. It’s the last night of one more year.

The dates are going to be changed for one more year. It’s going to be the end of the year.

When we moved from the last year, we didn’t know what this year is going to be for us. And now, we are in the same situation, or we can say that the cycle repeats every year, every last night of the December.

This day, this night, and the next day come up with some unknown feeling inbound which we always love to cherish. We call up the family and friends from where ever we are, and it turns out as the sign of happiness. The sudden elation makes us cheer up like never before.

It’s the next year, it’s one more year to the life, it’s the new year!


The progression of days and dates will keep reckoning and changing, every dawn has a sunrise, every dusk has a sunset, every night the moon glows, every night the stars shine, every day and night, the life will come up with something to you, the question is are you making the life worth of to stand with the dignified tone to speak up with the same gesture that you’re flaunting your way in the name of the new year regardless of your resolutions that every sad day you take or every new year you mark up?

Already, so many memes have gone viral on the social media depicting that on the last night of the year, we aim, pledge and talk a lot, but on the next day, the very first day of the new year those all promises find their place in the dark vague.

The memes look funny but to the other side, the true side, it’s a disquiet which tells you that life is laughing at you.

I guess I am making you distressed. No, I am not. I am alarming you that we need to get away from the dark side. The concern is to wake you up from the virtual thoughts. We already had an enough of virtual living, it’s the time to be real, and to pick up the righteousness. The least which we can give to this new year!

This year has given us a lot. This year has made us evolve in the society. This year has taught us the value of the sense of maturity. This year has faced a lot of thrones, still has a fragrant vibe. This year moved us ahead in terms of development. Not just this year, every year comes out with lots of lessons for the life and pushes us to cross the limits. It’s you who have to look up and find your way!

Nothing is too late until it’s for good. The time will always be like it’s now or never.

I have seen a lot of fireworks in the sky tonight, and I remember various countries’ officials had shown their serious concerns over Climate Change, a few days back. Thinking what? I repeat, we already had an enough of virtual living. Let’s get into the mode of righteousness.

Make sure the next morning you wake up, the life is not going to worry about you anymore.

To not to forget, India has become the country in 2015 which is now known as World’s fastest growing economy.

World Bank’s Chief Economist Kaushik Basu said, ‘Not only in 2015 but we expect India to lead that chart in 2016 as well.’

India has come to the bright spot whereas a few years back, it was nowhere and now, it’s your turn to join the league. Give away every single thought that comes up with a tag of being selective pouring the negativity inside.

The dates are going to be changed for one more year. So are you going to make it this year? Everglow!


I read. I write. A threat to humor, if one liners could kill. Twitter: @profylayush

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