Guest TNT Is Start-up Bubble About To Burst? December 29, 2015

“Do it quickly, efficiently, and fearlessly.”

The vibe that has started to float in the start-up industry after nefarious layoffs have got a lot of people to think, whether working in a start-up is a safer bet or not.

Work experience at start-ups may boast about a panache experience, but what matters along with this is job security, and the current trend by major players like Zomato, TinyOwl or, doesn’t seem to create a positive aura around it.

The in-congruence around job security has led many to believe that start-up bubble might be at its threshold and about to explode.

What Ravi Gururaj meant by the quote at the top is, it is better to shed the extra fat as early as possible. Though at a first place one should never gain it, it is always necessary to lose those extra pounds if you want to sustain longer.

It is always advisable to follow the following ways in order to avoid getting to these weird situations:-

  • Employ on a contractual basis.
  • It’s better to have empty hands than to hold a thorn that bleeds you continuously. Don’t make anyone permanent until and unless you’re confident about that employee.
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Try bringing in people who can share your vision (like partners), instead of those who are there just for money.

Although the success rate of new ventures is at 5% currently, many attempts are being made to offer a thriving ecosystem to aspiring entrepreneurs. Not only the corporates but even the government organisations are coming forward in doing their bit in adding to the start-up ecosystem.

The main reasons for the negative vibes are due to the following reasons:-

  • We are getting less of passionate entrepreneurs who want to solve an actual problem.
  • The industry is getting flooded by all-too-ambitious-millennial wantrepreneurs.
  • The grounds for starting a start-up is not a sustainable business model or the zeal to establish an empire but an investment that gives very high returns in very less time.

Most of the start-ups that today we see are based on the ideology that someone, somewhere is looking at them to acquire them. The focus on the concept gets vague within a short span of time, and all what they look is for some big-fat amount in their bank accounts. The threshold limit seems weakened and the implementation turns down.

Very few ventures start with a vision to go big in terms of impact, most of them just want to go big in terms of evaluation. So that they can sell the business and get million in their bank accounts.

If new ventures with this ideology keep adding to the start-up bubble then it might just implode instead of exploding.

The founders would be the ones being worst affected, and a trailer of which was recently seen where founders were taken hostage in their own office.

The factor that makes us worry is probably lacking in this start-up era, and that is the term analysis. Without counting this factor, the one shall not proceed and keeping faith in the idea can never be the only way to succeed.

Adding a CEO term in your profile might look catchy to many but unless it’s not worth of, it’s of no use.

Starting up a business is not a child’s play, but isn’t an impossible task as well, what it requires is the utmost conviction, passion, dedication and being true to oneself and the team.

‘Don’t be afraid to fail early and fail often’
– Vikraman Saranyan, VP, IKP Knowledge Park.


(This article has been written by Pulkit Garg).
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