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It’s said that truth can never be hidden, and comes out wiping faces and knocking those faces off.

Former CIA officer revealed that Pakistan had plans to nuke India during the Kargil war in 1999. Pakistan had a full plan to deploy the nuclear weapon against India, it was then National Security Advisor “Sandy Berger” to American President Bill Clinton, who averted this woe of misfortune to happen.

The information was revealed after former CIA Analyst, Bruce Riedel wrote a eulogy for Sandy Berger who died of cancer recently.

National Security Advisor

Former Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Samuel ‘Sandy’ Berger.

During the Kargil war, Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan, was across Pennsylvania Avenue at Blair House who asked for Clinton’s help.


“Samuel Berger, the president’s national-security adviser, opened the discussion. This is the most important day of your presidency, Mr. President, he said. Two nuclear-armed states are at war and locked in an escalation ladder that could end in Armageddon. You have one shot at stopping the spiral. You must convince Sharif to back down and withdraw his troops behind the old ceasefire line”
wrote Bruce Riedel.


Sandy told Clinton that If India expanded the war, Pakistan would probably lose and inevitably turn to its nuclear arsenal.


“Berger urged the Clinton to hear out Sharif, but to be firm. Pakistan started this crisis and it must end it without any compensation. The president needed to make clear to the prime minister that only a Pakistani withdrawal could avert further escalation.

Sandy knew Clinton better than anyone, his natural inclination was to find a deal. This time, no deal was possible, it must be an unequivocal Pakistani climbdown.

It worked. Sharif agreed to pull back his troops. It later cost him his job: The army ousted him in a coup and he spent a decade in exile in Saudi Arabia. The risk of a nuclear exchange in South Asia was averted”
wrote Bruce Riedel.


When India discovered the Pakistani ploy across the line of control in Kashmir to occupy mountaintop posts looking down on a key highway that linked Kashmir together around a town named Kargil, it launched a furious counterattack with air and ground forces.

The Indian army managed to recapture the majority of the Indian side of the LOC.

It was Berger’s finest hour during which he was able to convince Clinton leading to Sharif to back-off the plan of the massacre (to nuke).


Cover Image Source: PTI.

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