Jay Bhargav Tolerance Is The Key For The Issue Of Intolerant India December 2, 2015 http://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Intolerant-India.jpg

India strives to survive as an economically fruitful nation in the cracks between two mountains, both of which are opposing social structures dubbed as the ‘Right-Wing’ and the ‘Left-Wing’.

The Right-wing members are the ones in favor of RSS, Modi, and BJP. They are ultranationalists and have an immense love for Hinduism. The Left0wing consists of poker faces that consider themselves as the Modern Liberals of an open minded India.

The constant clashing between the two clans is nothing better than a bunch of baboons fighting for a few branches on a tree. The constant name calling from various ends has turned into an every-day-regular activity for netas and babus. Terming each others as shaitaans, brahm-pischach, nar-bhakshi, etc. has filled the political scene with verbal acts of vengeance.

So we reach the latest issue of India’s Intolerance.

Are we really intolerant?

Or is just a media story influenced by power hungry politicians who see our country as merely a playground where they can achieve personal goals at the cost of nation’s peace?

On the other end, one might ask – have we locked up our tolerance in a chest buried 7 feet under, or have we corked up our intellect in a glass bottle which now floats in some see for somebody else to find?

India’s tolerance is a pointless topic which is surrounded by a dense fog of opinions; opinions are of a kind which divert the nation’s attention from more important subjects.

We, the people of India have spent last few months watching Arnab catapult panelists into wording his thoughts, Celebs returning their awards and petty controversies headlining on the front pages. All of this negativity will have any recall value in a matter of few months, so should this really be our primary debate?

Or should we treat the Subject of Intolerance tolerantly?

A country where youngsters spend most of their times discussing how national parties waste their time – thinking of comebacks instead of investing it on development, can never serve as a fertile environment for economic growth.

Our leaders like Pranab Mukherjee (President of India) and Raghuram Rajan (RBI Governor) invest a lot of their time on consulting and advising young minds to breed tolerance and patriotism in a non-arguable manner. The economic growth will be imminent once the kind of tolerance is achieved which pushes the society to freely come up with ideas, motivates the youth to be non-reluctant to change and adapt newer methods instead of the conventionally less successful ones.

Tolerance need not be measured by the way one reacts to mundane issues, everyone has the right to share their opinions, but India as a country does not need to react at every stone and pebble thrown at her.

Now, there are the reasons, why you as the citizen of an economically forward leaning country should not pay heed to these nonsensical matters. You ought to know how these mundane problems which are regarded as a nation’s priorities, are actually hampering our growth.

India has a number of competitors in the Global Market, namely Brazil, Indonesia, etc. An international investor would see his assets in the hands of a nation that believes in religious and sentimental freedom than with the one that doesn’t pose any vigor to sustain minor social discrepancies.

Secondly, if we are yet to move on from religion based issues, how are we to concentrate on the bigger problems? The current government in place is pre-occupied with handling masses ruled by individuals who instigate anti-government feelings. When the issue at hand is as worthless as this and the government cannot get rid of it for the opposition won’t bail on it, how do we work for the future and consider ourselves as actual liberals?

We deal with disturbed national peace every day. Many incoherent arguments riptide into a huge wave of unnecessary controversies, hence hindering the idea of national growth.

This is just what anti-nationals want.

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