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No! I am not speaking of the ones powered by Red Bull, neither am I speaking of drugs, alcohol or any other kind of poison helping us with our highs. I am talking about real tangible wings for a normal individual, so he can fly it across the lake near his house.

We have only dreamt of these things, have only talked about owning an aircraft as easily as owning a car, but the time has come when we finally take a leap into the future.

Technology excites mankind to live the unreal. It helps us dream big. One of the industries that has seen marvellous developments on the technological front is the aviation industry.

The product that has been making major raves in the consumer aircraft sector is the ICON A5. It is a light-weight sports aircraft, being developed for the masses by ICON Aircraft.

One of the biggest advantages of the ICON A5 is that it can be carried around by an individual by boarding it on a caravan behind your powerful Off-Roader or a pick-up truck. One might think the wing span of the A5 might lead to a lot of road accidents, but to its advantage the wings are foldable.

The product has been placed quite affordable for the upper class of the society and is being engineered to serve rest of the society in the coming times.

Can you imagine? We are in an epoch where one can purchase an aircraft – board it up on a pick-up truck – take it to their farmhouse and fly it to fulfil their dreams.

The biggest struggle for ICON Aircrafts would have been to shorten the wingspan of the ICON A5, so it can be made transportable. I had never before heard of foldable-wings, and to my surprise this was quite a revelation when I first came to know about it.

All the major Mobile brands are brainstorming at the idea of foldable smartphone screens, there are only prototypes but none that can compete in the market. Merely the idea of foldable screens has got the people wondering what the future will be like – Foldable phones, foldable televisions, up next will be foldable cars. Never did anybody think of Foldable planes for each one of us.

I remember watching the Jetsons where George Jetson would travel in an aircraft which can be carried around as a suitcase. Please, No, we haven’t reached that point yet, but ICON A5 is a step closer to the times of Jetson.


One can imagine – Parking lots for small aircrafts that can carry the maximum of 4 people at once. These aircrafts don’t need runways neither do they fly on high-octane jet fuel. Uber and Ola don’t send in cabs but instead an aircraft stops at your door steps or rather at the apartment window.

Scientists and futuristic thinkers will work on designing an Aircraft that can fly by itself, traffic signals are harnessed mid-air and the traffic cop himself is ticketing law breakers while his private aircraft is stationed between 9th floors of two buildings.


My mind is about to explode just thinking of the possibilities, doesn’t yours?

This is our technological prowess that we are reaching out aggressively to our dreams, jumping potholes in time and entering the ‘Tomorrow’ and the day after that.


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