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Political interests overpower the belief to work for the National interests.

It is extremely disheartening to see a leader whom people trusted and supported for not-so-many reasons but specifically, one reason to deface the corruption is now having some embracing moments with those leaders whom you’re against to because of that one reason.

Now, please stop justifying it, we understand political interests make you do, WHAT NOT. And accept the fact that fooling people across the nation is the biggest trend and fad, the country has ever seen!


We have come to the times where we wanted to talk about the progress and development, in every case, in any case. Yes, we want to, but we aren’t able to. We are forced to get diverted and forget our mission, and get indulge into the thoughts of discrimination, hatred and the biggest setback “communalism”. Yes, we have different opinions not based on the issues of development and reforms but religion, caste and categories.
How sick is that?


We have come to the times where we are again back to those times where we never wanted to, but we were and we are. Will we be too? Maybe yes! Is this saddening? Maybe yes! Are you thinking the same what I am gonna say here? Maybe yes! But if everyone is going to say YES, who are those that have forced us to stay in such times only. It is us, only! How cool is this hypocrisy? How many of you are going to accept this, now? Now, please don’t take out the gun which only knows to criticize which you might be doing every other day criticizing this leader or that political party.

We are such kind of people who rant for the love for dogs because they’re cute, but don’t define the level of cuteness for a chicken, and so, we eat them. We don’t take a second to think that we’re eating a life and then, we don’t take a second to be a philosopher, too. The two sides of a coin, but sadly, when we toss it, only one wins, and here, nobody. Mind you, it has nothing to do with being a non-vegetarian, but hypocrisy, and that’s one small example.

We’re the hypocrites, this way or that way. Now, blame me for being blunt. I know, many will, but would be better if you don’t ruin yourself by your own. Give it a thought!

And it is as simple as think what you take, take what you think.

And this (hypocrisy) is what acts as a privilege for such leaders who throw a trap and you’re confined. You will talk about them, shout for them, argue for them and praise them, in the end, you will get nuts and they’re already a screwdriver. Think what you take!

They know that they are making wrong actions and will be criticized, so they will remain silent for few days, throw their dogs in the public so they bark and spread a message that it is not they, it is those. And it will work as a trap and you’re convinced. Take what you think!

So in which web, are you trapped? Remember one formally good can no way conceal the thousands of bad. If you’re trapped, they will keep doing what they always wanted to, they will use you, and they will throw you. You were never the priority, in fact.

It’s time to stand up and talk sense. It’s time to stop shuffling your voices behind the different leaders’ name. It’s that high time if we do not take a stand now, we will be left with no-thing.

And do you know what is more funny? Funny is that this all will happen in front of our eyes just like that. Yes, just like that. And trust me, it is already happening. The question is can you see it?

This is extremely disheartening. This could not be the fate of our nation. We won’t let it be!


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