Guest TNT Then And Now: Have We Changed For The Good? November 21, 2015

You are reading this on a led screen, aren’t you? Remember the last time you read an article or a short story on a piece of paper passed on to you by a friend and not a link on your Facebook wall?

Everything today is technology driven. When we talk about the old times and the modern times, one will be amazed by the kind of changes that have seeped into our lives. While I will correspond to the fact that technology has brought in some major positive changes in the facet of this planet, I cannot help but note the fact that it is as well one of the major factors for all that is going amiss in this world.

Recently I watched this movie called “Surrogates” where in the near future, people live their lives free of any complications through the robotic depiction of themselves, called surrogates. I couldn’t help myself but be reminded of the fact that how much this movie is true in context to the present times.

Subconsciously, each and every one of us is living like robots while the real us, is trapped in the back of our minds. We leave the real us behind, every day, next to our guitar, next to our unfinished painting, next to our half-finished book, to become robots.

The very first thing that hits me hard is the way we communicate with each other.

Today communicating no longer means talking, the meaning of communication has changed to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. These are not just online chatting tools but have become a huge part of a person’s life. Today, people are more focused on how to display their lives online for the whole world to see rather than focusing on their real self. People don’t really know each other, they know each other’s digital representation, their digital surrogates. Whatever happened to speaking on the telephone and writing letters!

Olden days had a charm of their own. Be it movies, songs, clothes, food everything was original, fresh and better.


Times have certainly changed. Values have worn off. Goodness doesn’t matter, smartness is what matters. Mind matters over the heart. We possess all the physical luxuries that one couldn’t even imagine 10 years ago, yet the world’s not at peace, the people are not happy. We are frightened, jealous and sceptical!


Olden times were marked by faith, hope and contentment! People did not obsess with the things they did not own. The absence of things that were not deemed necessary to own, never really made any difference to leading a happy life.

The modern times are all about “use and throw”. Be it a gizmo or a relationship, people hold no esteem for things or people. There was a certain degree of commitment to whatever people did back then. Today, people can’t even commit to a commitment. People are scared of responsibilities, reluctant towards duties. We have become self-aware to the level of being narcissistic and self-focused.

Rather than driving money, people are driven by money. There is a class associated with money. Commercializing everything is what this world aims at. There are so many days, Valentine’s Day, sisters day, father’s day, mother’s day, friendship day, water day, sparrows day, AIDS day, TB day, health day and every other day.

Why is it so necessary to celebrate a particular day? Why not celebrate every day? Oh wait, I forgot! Where is the time, right? Why work 12-14 hours a day? Why not spend time with your loved ones instead? Isn’t that supposed to be the motive behind earning in the first place? To hold ourselves and our loved ones content and glad?


(This article has been written by Ankita Behra).


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