Revati Vaidya Time To Deck Up In Ethnic Wear – Ultimate Festive Guide November 11, 2015

Falling in love with the bling around? As it’s a gorgeous festival of lights, we all want to look our best and brighter than the festival itself. The air is already replete with the joy of Diwali.

Though markets are filled with western clothing and there are gazillion options to choose from, finding that perfect western theme based is surely not an easy task, right? But come Diwali, you can ransack your wardrobe or buy new clothes and look your desi best.

So to make it easy for you, we bring you the ultimate fashion guide for both men and the gorgeous ladies. Trace back to your glorious heritage with contemporary ethnic wear for men and women from Indus Route.

Now don’t stare at the wardrobe wondering what to wear, it’s time to get new pieces.

Romanticize the entire affair of the festival, share it with your family and, or a friend or relative, and try out any of these gorgeous Indian pieces!

This festive season, flaunt brilliant designs and outstanding trends with a lot of styles. Here, we present to you a few chosen pieces which will make you stand out in the crowd, shall we? And men can also modify the festive wear in a number of ways and still manage to look dapper and in vogue.

P.S. – Pick up the stuff that can make you feel comfortable.

East meets west: Trousers with a Kurta.

If you want to experiment something bold and beautiful this Diwali, Then this is the ultimate discovery a female clan could’ve ever wished for.

This apparel of bright and colourful shaded kurtas teamed with plain trousers will definitely make you look pretty yet Classy! Trousers teamed with high heeled stilettos will add on to the charm. Get your hands on the clutch, straighten up that frizzy hair and add long earrings to give you that typical Deepika Padukone look, sounds good? It’s time to add this on your list.

Kurta with trouser

Style-Trend #1


Dhoti is in.

Dhoti is in (1)

Style-Trend #2

This is by far the most comfortable and stylish outfit for men. Dhoti kurta comprises of a long embroidered shirt called kameez instead of the elaborate sherwani and formal shirt and a stylish dhoti as lower. Choose from simple textures that suit your body type. Dhoti’s paired with short or long kurtas have been the most trending on fashion weeks.

Grab from the various ranges of colors and prints and show your stylish side this festive season.

Dhoti is in (2)

Style-Trend #3

Ghagra Choli.

ghagra choli (1)

Style-Trend #4


And you really thought we are talking about those typical heavy embroideries Ghagras, right? No ladies, it’s the other side now. Ghagra Choli’s are meant for all occasions and so for Diwali. But this festive season, wear outfits in lighter fabrics, even cotton works well. Make your look count with this mesmerizing outfit. Keeping fewer borders and no work on this kind of Ghagra makes it look more beautiful.

Well, all of a sudden we have so much more flesh on display. *Winks*

ghagra choli (2)

Style-Trend #5


Jodhpuri suits.

Men in suits are to die for, right? Jodhpuri Suits are by far the perfect regal ensemble of India, as the name is based on Jodhpur, these gorgeous outfits make every man look rich and stylish, not all can carry this, but it isn’t that hard to find the right piece for you. We are here to give an elegant element. Switch on to something contemporary. Just go minimal as the Suit offers an alternative that is modern and great to wear.

Jodhpuri suit

Style-Trend #6


A Line suit.

Line suits are just oh-so-gorgeous. Before we start telling you about this particular outfit, make sure know that girl of any height can carry this beautiful piece. These classy yet trendy Suits are so comfortable that you can wear them round the clock. The best part is that you can easily modify and customize the A line Kurtis for different looks. Pair it up with trousers, leggings or even with a skirt.

Today they have become women’s BFF! #NotKidding

A line suits (1)

Style-Trend #7


Men too are crazy about looking good and at the same time, too lazy to dress up. Most of the men choose comfort over style, here is the easiest way to look hot and eye-catching by wearing simple kurtas, these have always been the traditional clothing garment for men. Be it short ones or typically those loose ones that end just above the knees. These are the perfect blend of style and comfort.

kurti (1)

Style-Trend #8

kurti (2)

Style-Trend #9












Be stylish this Diwali as the festival is all about lights; celebrate it with zest and fervor. Another reason now reasons to shop till you drop!

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