Guest TNT The First Benchmark Of My Entrepreneurial Odyssey November 9, 2015

Life isn’t a bed of roses, everyone has got their own share of thorns, that they need to bear the pain of, but life for me was a bit different. I never liked it simple, I always wanted some thrill, and few extra thorns in my feet, to enjoy life.

Like all parents, even my parents always wanted and did everything on their part to make my life full of roses and no thorns. But as I said, I never liked it the way it was served, I had to improvise things as per my convenience.

Although my odyssey started at a very early age, a 12-year-old kid, and his group of friends planning various ways to earn some money. Unlike Robert Kiyosaki neither did I have the courage to take the first step at that time, and nor did I have a rich dad (in context to his book) like him.

It took me nearly 8 years and lot of perseverance to take my first step towards my passion. Although there were many benchmarks that I had embarked upon during these 8 years, the first step towards my passion I took was in my first year of engineering. I guess it was late, but not that too late.

The college I completed my graduation from, was the only college I had applied to; I really had no idea what would I have done if I wouldn’t have made it through. A guy who dreamt of scoring a first class with distinction on the day of orientation had turned into a guy who didn’t give a damn about the percentage he was going to end up with, towards the end of graduation. He was now more focused towards things that really mattered, and would have helped him in future.

With the first step at the ingress of college’s life, I grew a little more and from a school boy, I had turned into a college guy. All new faces around, hot girls, new friends, seniors, professors, proxy, mass bunk, and what not; the complete meaning of adventure has changed and along with the list of to do things as well.

Then came the fresher’s night, a night where we were for the last time given a chance to live that glossy life of the college, as it always appeared to be from outside. Enjoying the party, he saw a girl grooving with the beat of loud DJ, and with rain drops falling down, she appeared to be more beautiful. This is where our voyager, even with blinders on had found his jaw dropped in awe. With much courage, he asked her for dance, and then his blinder got back on.

The day for that last push was about to come, and unaware of the opportunity that was about to knock on his door, he went to attend the TEDx conference 2011, at his college.

Whilst all this, back at home, he was in a serious discussion with his friend and sister to start a venture. The day of the conference he got that idea, and this what made him fall in love with the whole concept of entrepreneurship and following his own dream.

His fall started with incorporating his first ever venture, and first hints from the girl he saw on fresher’s night.


(This article has been written by Pulkit Garg).


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