Ayush Garg ShoutOut: Media Is Intolerant But #IndiaIsTolerant November 7, 2015

An article by CNN reads “Is India becoming Intolerant?”

Indian Media debates for long hours on the “Rising Intolerance in the Nation.”

Two High-Profile Journalists ask a Bollywood celebrity, Shah Rukh Khan about “Religious Intolerance” in an interview.

Barkha Dutt, a renowned journalist, writes in the column of Hindustan Times that “Shah Rukh Khan – a real life man – you’re my hero, but we don’t deserve you.”

What’s all this rubbish going on in the country? Do you get my point? Let’s elaborate a bit.


Why media celebrities (journalists) find their need to ask about “religious intolerance” to a personality who has nothing to do with it? Rather when he was asked about joining politics, he clearly indicated that he will join or take a position at that place which belongs to his genre.

And then, you talk about Intolerance to him, again? Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, you call SRK, your friend but still used him to gain TVT ratings for your own sake, putting his reputation in the public domain. Why? And then, you justify in your column, once again, and say it “with sadness” that “I won’t hold it against you if you decide never to give me an interview again.” Knock-knock. Who’s the politician over there? Still playing safe, c’mon, we won’t let you to. Hypocrisy overruled!


The conspiracy, the outrage, the agenda, by the media for the country, it is all that which proves that intolerance is on the high note in the country but by the media, in the media, for the media.

From where has it started of? Why do we, now, need to prove that India has been tolerant since decades?

Again, it embarks my question to media! Do you really always wanted to see such a country? Why your thoughts, ideas, and everything, end up to religious sentiments? Barkha Dutt, you’re the one who says proudly that Shah Rukh Khan told me that everything is a subset of the set which is called “Being Indian” but then, why, your questions to him, again, rolled over religious intolerance? Accept the fact that you played with his innocence disguising him by communal disorder which exists in your head.

From the Dadri-lynching case, a sudden outrage created by the media, knowing the fact that it will cause a huge disturbance to the harmony, but NO-NO-NO, who cares? Let’s play with it, and see, today, with the start of returning of awards by filmmakers, artists and writers, now we have to protest to prove that India Is Tolerant.

Anupam Kher and Madhur Bhandarkar, the two highly recognized personalities from the film fraternity announced to lead a march from India Gate in the national capital, Delhi to the Rashtrapati Bhawan on November 7, 2015, along with his aides and submit an application to President Pranab Mukherjee saying the country is very tolerant and is going through a great phase.

Anupam Kher clearly tweeted that it is for all the Indians and requested to join the March For India. He added that he has never heard such frequent use of the word ‘intolerance’ in the last 50 years as is being used now.

It’s you who have to decide the right! Don’t make your heads shake over the fake reports, and we never need to prove that India is tolerant on the basis of having several races in the country. We’re one as it is always said Unity in Diversity, no matter, you’re a Muslim, Sikh, Christain or Hindu. We’re the humans and Indians. That’s it! But that’s all, Media has to worry about!

I see a dark ground. I see those blurred eyes. I see how media plays and rolls out with the sentiments. I see a disgust.

I see an intolerance against those who’re playing their heart out to defame the country. I see one man walking and the other man pulling him down. I see the rising of a different class of anti-national activists. I see a hypocrisy. I see a brutal mind. I see a conspiracy.

But I understand everything. I carry a vision to differentiate between the right and wrong. I know Shah Rukh Khan was made a victim. I, again, see a hope. I see a rising country. I see a tolerant nation.

Anupam Kher quoted that “Every country goes through the problems but nobody has the right to call our country ‘intolerant’.”

Media will keep saying, it’s you, all, who have to see the right side, and move on with a class. Love for one, love for all.

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