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It is believed no matter, how much you try to be safe, there is always a loose pole running behind to bite you, in any way. So, it is always followed that precaution is better than cure.

Are you allowed taking cigarette packets in the flight? Yes.

Are you allowed to smoke it? No.

Are you allowed taking a lighter in the flight? Yes.

Are you allowed to light it up? No.

Did you ever find an Ashtray in the airplane? You will always.

When you’re not allowed to smoke in the airplane, why do they have an ashtray?

Have you heard a phrase, rules are meant to be broken? It does sound like a rebel to many guys out there, but if you broke a rule while traveling in the airplane, trust me, you’re putting several lives in danger including yours.

Long back when smoking wasn’t banned in the airplanes, an incident took place in the year 1973. A flight boarding to Paris from Rio De Janeiro and the Boeing 707’s cabin got filled with smoke from a fire started by a cigarette; 123 passengers had to lose their lives. The cigarette was thrown away in the trash repository of the airplane bathroom causing a major fire in the rear of the jet.

A cigarette took the several lives away in a second!

Back in the mid-1990s, the UK introduced a smoking ban on flights. In America, a Federal law was passed in 2000 that outlawed smoking on all flights by US airlines (previously, it was banned on domestic flights). The vast majority of countries in the world has since followed suit if they hadn’t introduced their own ban already.

Thus, it’s been over a decade since the ban was brought into force across many major routes, and yet even new planes still come equipped with ashtrays. And the reason to it is that many people don’t follow the rules. The sad truth!

Ashtrays In Airplanes

Image Source: Business Insider.

The following is written into the US Code Of Federal Regulation for Airworthiness:


“Regardless of whether smoking is allowed in any other part of the airplane, lavatories must have self-contained, removable ashtrays located conspicuously on or near the entry side of each lavatory door, except that one ashtray may serve more than one lavatory door if the ashtray can be seen readily from the cabin side of each lavatory served.”


The Federal of Aviation Administration (FAA) categorizes bathroom ashtrays as part of each plane’s “minimum equipment,” meaning that a broken ashtray must be reported and replaced within 3 days.

An essential part in an airplane even when smoking is banned.

This is when it strikes me that it has to be believed that addiction has empowered several humans that even after various strict rules, authorities still have to look to the way which isn’t required at all.

So if you smoke a cigarette in the bathroom, are you surely gonna trash it in the ashtray?

This is where technology loses up to the human’s brain, no matter, you’re fired with a severe penalty or even, your right to travel in an airplane is taken after doing such an illicit act.

The airplanes have got several warning and ‘no smoking’ signs indicating very clearly that you have got no right to smoke in the airplane, and then there are signs telling you that don’t throw the ash/burned cigarette in the trash receptacle, always use the ashtrays for it. Confused?

It clearly tells you that human’s psychology could never be understood. Believe it or not, the administration really doesn’t have a trust on you if you have a cigarette and a lighter with you. And so, they want to make sure that if, in a case, you run out of your mind and ignite a cigarette, you trash it in the ashtray only.

And then, you do not put several lives in danger, including yours too.

Discretion: Never ever ignite a cigarette in the airplane. It’s already prohibited and if you do it, you have done a criminal offense.

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