Vipul Kumar And Now The Hyundai Grand i10 Joins The ‘Unsafe Car’ Bandwagon October 29, 2015

It hasn’t been more than 9 months when Global NCAP crash tested some of the Indian cars including some of the bestsellers which are considered safe and well built too. The results were shocking given the fact that all of the cars which were put through the test simply failed and scored a zero star rating.

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Now given the fact that the cars without airbags do get zero stars only, most of the times; our manufacturers including most of our buyers kept on getting these cars on the roads.

In fact, the sales figures of these cars have been growing stronger each day, which shows the sad state of road safety awareness in India; no wonder we have the highest number of fatalities on the roads in the world.

Recently, the Indian made Hyundai Grand i10 was crash tested by the Latin NCAP and the results were something completely unexpected.

Since the car had no airbags, we were quite sure about the safety rating to remain at zero stars. But what actually surprised us was the declaration of the structure of the vehicle as unstable. At a test speed of merely 40 miles per hour or 64 kilometers per hour, the structure of the vehicle has given way and this is what actually shocked us.

Here we bring you The Naked Truth which got uncovered in the crash test, the video of the crash test and some excerpts from the report are here:

First of all, have a look at the way that even the A pillar and lower chassis of the vehicle got deformed; something which proves the intrusion of forces into the passenger cabin. This is something which can make even the airbags ineffective at the collisions even at slightly higher speeds given the fact that the body shell loses its integrity.

The points marked in red in the picture below shows the same:

Car Review

This type of deformation of the passenger cabin was unseen even in some of the other cars which were previously crash tested.

Reading the report we found that the body shell integrity was found to be unstable:

i10 Car Review

What surprised us was the fact that the same car which is being sold in Europe has scored praiseworthy four-star safety rating in EURO NCAP. Surprised?

The exteriors may look same but the vehicle, Hyundai sells in the Europe is sturdier built and is loaded to the tooth with safety features and hence is capable of scoring a respectable 4 star under EURO NCAP. An excerpt from the EURO NCAP report:

Car Review

Are European lives more worthy than the Indian lives? Does the nationalities create any difference in serving the quality? Do people here don’t need a car which gives them a safe drive? Why company or rather a brand is following such a biased policies? We would love to ask these questions to Hyundai for sure.

We always believe and promote in safe driving and safe vehicle purchasing. Hence, we request our fellow readers to opt for the safer vehicles only instead of looking at the cheap prices in their prior list.

If a buyer refuses to buy the unsafe vehicle then at least the manufacturers will also look towards providing safety as an integral part of the vehicle. A shout-out to their brand value, because your life is precious.

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