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Angela Merkel is a German politician, the first female chancellor of Germany and one of the architects of the European Union. Angela Merkel is ranked #1 on the Forbes’ most powerful women list and continues her reign for 10 years running.

Merkel made headlines in October 2013 when she accused the U.S. National Security Agency of tapping her cell phone. At a summit of European leaders, she rebuked the United States for this privacy breach, saying that “Spying among friends is never acceptable.” Later reports revealed that the NSA may have been surveilling Merkel since 2002.

She clinched the third four-year term of Europe’s most vibrant economy in December 2014, making her the longest-serving elected EU head of state. She fought off a national recession during the global economic crisis with stimulus packages and government subsidies for companies that cut hours for workers, and she is in the thick of trying to help Greece revive its economy.

Now, she arrived in India to boost up the strategic partnership of India and Germany that has its basis in strong business and economic links. Germany is India’s most important trading partner within the European Union and the sixth most important trading partner globally.

She is on the 3-day visit to India which has a schedule that first day, she will participate in the third Indo-German Inter-governmental Consultations hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bengaluru.

On the second day, she will visit German engineering major Robert Bosch’s facility in Adugodi that will showcase its key innovative projects and the group’s commitment towards skill development in the country.

Modi will accompany the chancellor during the tour following which both leaders will jointly address a Nasscom forum that will have German and Indian representatives.

Both leaders are expected to discuss initiatives related to skill development, vocational training and Make in India. They will also participate in a working lunch with business leaders from India and Germany.

Over 1,265 German companies have set up shop in India. Around 35 of them have R&D centres here, leveraging extensive design and engineering capabilities in several sectors including automobile, aerospace, healthcare and banking.

Information Source: The Times Of India.
Image Source: The Huffington Post.

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