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We cheer up to gain and explore new experiences, this is what the life is for. We just need an excuse and a plan to move out for a journey, have some thrills and do whatever with a feel good factor. But have you ever thought, if you don’t have money in your pocket, not a single coin, how would you be able to do that? I know, many of us will say instantly, are you nuts? This thing is impossible, what will you do without money? Because it is said, it is followed, that money makes you earn, what you want.

Alas! Meet the guys Anuj, Ishant and Akash, and when you will look to their journey “Move” which looks like never ending, you will hate the term “prejudice”, I already do but after knowing these guys, “prejudice” exists no more in my dictionary. These guys have started their journey from Mumbai, and traveling since then, did and doing what most of us just end up with our imagination. Yes, they are wandering, hitch-hiking, meeting new people, having fun, gaining experiences, exploring places, knowing life and above all, they are no less of zeal, any single time. They are the “nomads.”


To hell with the preconceptions, let’s move to their journey. I guarantee you with no warranty of tissues that you’re going to have a smile and tears of happiness on your face. Take that!

(Recently, I got into talks with Anuj, and this is what he has to say all about Move.)

1) Before planning out the journey, what gave you the thought to go for the journey called “Move”? How many guys are into this? Where you, guys hail from? What exactly you, all have been doing in the past?

What drives you happy? ummm… Money maybe? A Great Sex? A new smartphone? Or maybe a holiday?

Well, the same way it is MOVE for me. It has always been my driving force! So, I really did not think about it. Bas ghoomna hai!

Well, I’d two of my friends with me (Akash & Ishant) when I started moving. But, Akash hiked back home, maybe he just wanted to experience it for a shorter duration. Ishant is still with me, and he’s loving it so far. 🙂

We all are desi tharra from the streets of Uttar Pradesh!

Akash & I belong to the city of Kachodhi, Aligarh whereas Ishant is from Hassanpur (Distt. Amroha).

Well, it was just Akash who had been doing something in the past. He was struggling to be a CS (company secretary) which he’s still continuing.

I was cluelessly trying to fit myself into my family business, and Ishant was pursuing his graduation.


2) From where did you start this journey with no penny in the pocket and where will you end it? What all amazing experiences you had while this wandering?

We technically started MOVING with-out money from Mumbai. But to reach Mumbai from Delhi, we’d to borrow some money from my cousin in Gurgaon and to recover that money, we busked (danced) in the train and collected a sum of around INR 1300 😉 I don’t know where we’ll end. So, it is all tentative. Although, the idea is to move-across-India. 🙂

All experiences? It will take months to express about ALL. Well, the most exciting one was being at the police station for 18 hrs in Mumbai and enjoying free vada-pav and chai with the policemen. 😉

And yeah, the most joyful experience was to be at Bangalore International School, where we were invited to conduct an interactive session with the students and teachers about the emotion & philosophy behind our MOVE.


3) What are your views on the theme “Unity in Diversity”? How people treated you? How did you manage to get the meal and places to stay to at least maintain the pace and travel around from one place to another?

What’s that?

This world is an amazing place to live in. People are being too kind towards us, I just can’t express how does it feel to have a fun chat with the truck drivers. 🙂

And we certainly had no bad experiences with the people so far (just one, where I was about to get raped in Goa) which wasn’t bad but a bit uncomfortable.

Meals: We avail delicious langar at the gurdwaras and do some sewa as gesture, prasad at the temples, we eat the leftover ort from random QSRs & Food Courts, sometimes we also enjoy random weddings & busk (dance) on the roads for food. Above all, we stay hungry for a day or two if we don’t get any food 🙂 It’s OKAY to starve at times!

Stay: We sleep on the road dividers, bus-stand, dhaba, any friend’s place (I’ve many friends in major cities) and we often pitch our tent around the outskirts. And a lot of random (facebook) people have started hosting us now, in exchange all they want is to hear our crazy travel stories. 🙂

Travel: We Hitch-Hike!


4) You have been covered by leading media houses. How do you feel about? How do you take this journey of Move in your life?

Certainly, I’m not too obsessed with this acclaim. But I felt great when the school invited us to bring a change in their students, which was technically the result of this acclaim only. So, yeah it’d bought me quite a few goosebumps.

It is not a journey but my lifestyle, I’ll keep moving until I can walk. And while moving, I just keep on seizing the moments or let’s say ‘I let the moments seize me’ (Yeah yeah, the boyhood dialogue).

Dil Chahta Hai

5) You must have experienced a change in your life, within your soul. What are your plans for the future? What’s the definition of Life for you?

I don’t believe in soul or even God. So, let’s keep it simple & stupid. Yeah, the change within is immensely rapid & intense while you move because you see a lot of new things happening around you.

Future? Plans? I don’t think much. Trust me, I’m still clueless about my life like ever before. And it is fun to be like this! Thus, no plans. 🙂

For me, life is all about experiencing emotions. That is what I do.

I think emotions are much more powerful than reasons & logics.

Move is an emotion to me. If you’ll ask me to justify it objectively, I won’t be able to. All I know is, it’s fun!


6) What all troubles did you go through to don’t miss out any single experience? What were the phases came during the journey which made you felt low at times?

Kuch na kuch to reh hi jata hai, party! And let’s not exaggerate the tough times to glorify our journey. Trust me, it is all fun. 🙂

We are doing it out of our choice, hence there’s nothing like trouble. Yeah, there are feeling-low wale phases. Probably, when we stay hungry for a couple of days, when we lack chemistry/compatibility between us, when we are sleep deprived but still unable to sleep somehow, when we want to watch cinema (we both are too obsessed with cinema) but we couldn’t since we don’t have money. But you know what?

This is all we wanted!

Remember Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar? Jab tak takleef na ho na life mein, tab tak koi bada nai banta. 😀

Just kidding! We just chill almost all the time. 🙂


7) What’s your favorite destination, track, and food till date? What have all the places you traveled apart from covered in the Move? What would you recommend to travelers?

My favorite destinations till date are the hidden gem ‘Barog Railway Station’ (located between Kasauli and Solan) and McLeod Ganj (Dharamshala).

By track, you mean the belt/road? Manali to Ladakh is an amazing track to ride on (I did this dream ride in summer 2014 on my lovable hero impulse).

Food? Poocho mat bc! But only street food 🙂

Aligarh ki kachodhi (ShibboJi aur Hanuman mandir, mahaveer ganj), Banaras ki jalebi (Lanka) aur tamaatar ki chaat (Deenanath), Jattari ka dahi wala samosa (Neher ke pass), Lucknow ki tikki (Royale cafe), bunn makkhan with chai (SharmaJi).

The list won’t stop. Aur haan, apni maa ke haath ke rajma-chawal. 🙂

I am passionate about motorcycle, so I’ve travelled to quite a few good roads on my motorcycle before this, which include many solo rides as well:

I’d been to Rajasthan, Punjab, Kashmir, Ladakh, Uttar Pradesh including the mighty Maha-Kumbh in Allahabad, Uttarakhand (Gharwal & Kumau Belt), Kerala and my favorite state Himachal (innumerable times).

And now we’ve hitch-hiked to few regions of Maharashtra including Mumbai, Aurangabad, Ellora, Ajanta, Pune and so on followed by Goa and currently we’re exploring Karnataka. And yeah, my passport has no stamp yet!

I’ll recommend travellers not to waste time on random travel portals and explore the unknown places. Just get on the road, wander randomly with no smartphone to navigate. I’ve been doing this since my school ‘bunk’ days and I don’t even know what places I’ve had been to, so far. It’s fun 🙂


8) Do you miss home? Do you miss those perks that the wallet has given you?

Yes, I do, but not intensely. Actually, we are meeting so good people while moving who don’t let us to miss anything. At times, they even cry when we leave their places. It can’t be expressed.

No, NOT AT ALL! Wallet has never bought us the experiences that we’re getting for free. 🙂

You know the feeling you get when a truck driver excitedly tells you that her daughter loves to play kho-kho? We would have never had such beautiful conversations and experiences if we’d our wallets. Although, tolerating Kumar Sanu is humiliating (that is what every truck driver plays). 😀


9) What’s that one energetic thought that keeps you stimulated all the time to explore this country and the world?



A Glimpse from their Goa Chapter.

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