Ayush Garg In Talks With Jitin Chawla: Make Work Your Play September 24, 2015

When you’re in doubt, you need an advisor or a consultant. That advisor or consultant can be your father, mother, best friend, roommate or say soulmate but still, you can’t be sure of that your doubt is going to be resolved with the level of 10 CGPA. Doubt could be anything but if it’s about your career and so, your life, you will be serious in one go and you seriously need a man of whose direction, all you know is going to be fruitful and productive for sure. What can be better than this? We know such grateful souls by the name of Counsellor. Doubts are a very small part, they show you the correct path to preach, to lead and to succeed. Who doesn’t want to celebrate the success with pride? You’re getting it, right, whenever you need a motivation in you, you need a counsellor.

And here I am going to take you to the same journey with Mr.Jitin Chawla. He is the man who inspires one and all, if you follow his Facebook page, you are surely going to relate with him putting some smiles on your face and if you attend his one counselling session, you are surely going to relate with this man, by the way, I am one blessed being who has attended his session during the school time.

Jump India

He is an eminent career counsellor and educationist, a key player in the field of media, has been doing several shows with the leading media channels and a columnist as well. If I go to the analytics, I won’t be over with it but for an example, he has already done over 14,500 career workshops in various institutes around the country. What I can say in the word is that he’s one brand himself whom you can see walking, speaking and cheering.

He has started his journey from the Hansraj College, Delhi becoming one of those five students from the Hansraj college who got into the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi that year, who understands it better than a CAT aspirant. Then he became the President of Rotaract club in his second year of PG, did his internship at Berger Paints and followed up joining at Nerolac Paints. After doing his bit serving the companies, he opened up his own organization Centre for Career Development (Jump India) and since then, he is serving his part to build the student’s career.

Last week, finally, I made up to talk to him and the conversation followed with the round of Q&As which are as follows:

1) Counselling is one major ingredient in one’s success taking the graph from SSC to PG. How does counselling help to build the right career choice? What makes you more worry in today’s time in the field of education?

Counselling is the key that delivers and show the right path to the community of students. You know, there are many who chose to pursue engineering but ended up becoming something else which is not even related to it by 1%. There are students I know, who are now into Arts or Mass Communication field, doing excellently well in it, who were earlier forced to join engineering. It gives me immense pleasure that I am doing my part in bringing smiles to the lives which is at most needed.

The basic problem in the field of education which has been lying under the dark shadow is the industry is not practical. The industry is more into imparting the theoretical knowledge rather than being practical. Pragmatic is the art of delivering success which is not yet followed in the key institutions as well. It is where we are lacking behind and we are forced to carry it, this way.

The issue is also with the country’s people, most of them think that to make their son an engineer and marry, that’s the motive of life for them. This is where the life ends for them and they take it in a rewarding way. This needs to be changed rather terminated.

2) Before and after joining FMS, what changes did you see in your life coming and how did you tackle with the bad ones?

I was a shy guy who doesn’t speak or able to express much but after joining FMS, I have got an amazing peer network and corporate exposure which helped me in building myself and sourcing the output in the most useful way. FMS has one excellent alumni which guides and keep inspire you to dedicate in building and carrying yourself in the perfect persona in the not-so-relevant world.

The life is never so bad if you keep thinking for the good and always explore around for the positive vibes. You will surely tackle with everything, no matter it’s not so good or even worst. All you need is confidence and a right mindset to see the world around you.

3) You’ve written editorials/articles for different leading media houses. As of now, how do you see the media industry leaning towards? Where is it more diverted? On a scale, don’t you find somehow, some way, few media houses are deceiving the main purpose?

– Media is disintegrated. Media has headed towards sensationalization. You remember, in past, there were the stories which were published as “Manohar Kahaniyan” (like some sought of Pati, Patni aur Woh stories), media is exactly there about. Their presentation is all about to gain the TVT ratings instead of delivering the useful information or current affairs.

Media is most likely diverted towards money making policy, and for India, what will work more than the sensationalization. The media is also running on a factor of proximity to the political connections and big fat sources. Nowadays, media runs a story without an analysis to it and is more judgmental towards it. And you know, it’s also one money making policy. Such stories catch your eyes and this is all that needed to them.

I see social media is much more powerful than media. You tweet or update a status, and if it has that capability to go viral and should be reached to each and everyone then it will. Social Media is a sure shot winner in comparison to the Media channels. It’s where what you want to see, not what they wanted you to see. Here’s that difference defined!

4) How do you see today’s India which is growing and developing, and vague, on the other hand? There is a trend started to build Start-ups but not sure about its sustainability (count 80-90% in it).

India is definitely growing and developing. We are finally heading towards the key development. Now, we get to hear about Startups which come in the action of new ideas and energy. I keep going to different Angel Investors’ or Venture Capitalist’ meets, sometimes what I see, guys ask for a low value (say 5 lakhs) investment which is not valuable neither for the investor nor Startup founder and definitely, not to meet the purpose of the investment.

Guys, need to know what investment they are asking for and what Startup they are running for. Sustainability is an important factor for any Startup but on the other hand, without taking risks, you never know what is exactly going to happen next and nobody succeeds without it.

5) What makes you much happy? What small things, do you cheer about?

I enjoy public speaking, attending sessions, programmes, travelling and meeting new people. Basically, I enjoy my work and that makes me happy. Every day is a task and you have to come over it with a smile and an achievement to the day, to your life.

I cheer about everything, say anything that makes me happy in any way. I keep travelling here and there for taking sessions and so, many places turned my favorite too. I love Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and of course, Delhi, my hometown, with a smile, he said.

6) What is the definition of Life for you? What message would you want to give to the students, one and all?

– “Make Work Your Play.”

Play with it and you will love it.

Life is a play and if you deal with it keeping the sportsman spirit, you will never get tired of doing anything, you love to do. This is my mantra to the life.

Jump India

You can look up to his Facebook page and follow him here:  Jitin Chawla (Coach).

For any reference/information regarding the counselling sessions/programmes, you can visit his website: Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development (www.careercouns.co.in).

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