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According to the Indian Express report, the sources reveal that a couple of months ago, the former Army officer stumbled upon some internet communication linked to the IS on his daughter’s computer.

Further investigation by the officer reportedly revealed that his daughter was perhaps in touch with alleged IS recruiters and planned to travel to Syria to join the outfit.

The father then reportedly sought the NIA’s help. Sources said the woman perhaps planned to convert and then make her way to Syria through Australia. IB operatives have already held a few sessions with her, said sources.

The daughter of a retired Indian Army Lieutenant Colonel, the woman, in her mid-20s, went to Australia for three years for post-graduate studies. When she returned, she was reportedly a changed person.

Intelligence sources said it was her father who approached the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and reported her activities. He reportedly sought help from the NIA in counseling and de-radicalising her. The agency, in turn, got in touch with the IB which is now handling the matter.

The action comes under force when the Indian establishment has begun to take the online radicalisation by the IS seriously, although its approach to those who are attracted to the outfit’s ideology is rather calibrated. Only last month, former home secretary L C Goyal chaired a meeting of DGPs from various states on the strategy to tackle IS radicalisation.

According to a recent statement by then Australian PM Tony Abbott, at least 70 Australians were fighting in Iraq and Syria, backed by about 100 Australia-based “facilitators”.

Converts joining the war in Australia is also not a new phenomenon. In fact, one of the key recruiters for IS in Australia is a Jihadi named Neil Prakash. A former Buddhist who now goes by the nom de guerre Abu Khaled al-Cambodi — referring to his Fiji-Cambodian descent — recently uploaded videos calling young Australians to launch lone wolf attacks in the country.

It also came under notice that Islamic State is deliberately using chemical weapons. Islamic State jihadists are manufacturing and using crude chemical weapons including mustard gas in Iraq and Syria, US officials have warned.

American weapons experts say they have identified at least four occasions on both sides of the Iraq-Syria border when ISIS has used mustard agents, an official told the BBC.

It’s never too late to go on the right track. Hope, the girl understands it better and sooner before it gets too late for the realization.

Information Reference: Indian Express, Times Of India.

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