Ayush Garg Mean-Minded Prejudice: 14 Year Old “Ahmed” Arrested For Bringing Clock To The School Gets Encouraged By Obama And Zuck September 17, 2015 http://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Ahmed-Offical1.jpg

On Monday, in Irving, Texas, Ahmed Mohamed, a ninth-grader who made a clock, brought it into the school to show off to his engineering teacher, and was arrested on suspicion of making a bomb.


This arrest, clearly, should never have happened. The least School management could have done was to ask Ahmed’s engineering teacher, who had praised the project, but they didn’t even give it a try rather called the police and guess what, police believed them. Preconceptions deceit you.

And the least everyone expected that the school would apologize to Ahmed for humiliating and terrorizing him, acknowledge its mistake, and use it as a teaching moment to discuss racism and profiling. (But! nothing good has happened from the school’s end.)

Instead, even after learning that the clock was just a clock built as an educational project, the school suspended Mohamed for three days and sent a diplomatic letter note to the parents. The small-minded prejudice of the Irving, Texas, high school and police department have surely raised questions against level of their mindset, policies and etiquettes.

With the news went viral on social media, #IStandWithAhmed became the trend for the supporters and raised questions against the School management, and rather, the investigation should be done over the management for such a racist act rather than the acceptance of a short term worthless apology being a formality. Remember a school’s nuisance made a kid be handcuffed!

It is always said the ray of hope never dies. And the goodness can never be hidden for a long time. You will shine, shine, and shine.

Here are the two tweets that will surely glow up the charm on Ahmed’s face and the world, and this is what called a dedicated way of encouragement and upliftment. Way to go, Ahmed.


Cool clock, Ahmed.
Very well said, Obama.


The future belongs to people like you, Ahmed.
Keep building.

I am sure Ahmed is going to take the time to finalize which one to visit first, is that White House or Facebook HQ? Cheer and Thumbs Up!

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