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Pakistan is the most peaceful country in the world. Pakistan hates violence so does Hafiz Saeed. Pakistan is a developed country and should be recognized globally for its embarking achievements towards each and every thing but unfortunately, the norms aren’t according to them.

Recently, in a video by some Pakistani media channel, it was shown and proven that makers of Phantom movie have marked their apology to Pakistan and regret making such movie, Katrina Kaif eagerly wants to leave India permanently so that can have the citizenship of Pakistan ASAP and Pakistan will not tolerate such inhuman activities of making such movies which actually depict their real faces so they always do one good thing, they ban it.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t ban Facebook in the whole Pakistan include world too because the World listens to Pakistan, not Pakistan listens to the World. Take my words!

There is a news in trends these days that Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook has invited Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India to visit Facebook Headquarters during his visit to the USA on 27th September 2015. And they, both shared the details of this meeting on their social media handles.

With the first post by Zuckerberg on Facebook and then, by Modi, Pakistan has shown their so expected face, once again. What all had happened and is happening with Pakistan and its officials is truly eye catching, full of disgust and jealousy, and the biggest thing is full of humour. Personally, I haven’t seen such humour till date which is too from one country’s so powerful officials.

Note: They are much (rather only) concerned about a specific religion that’s Islam. If you dilute their statements, you will find from every angle that you’re a human if and only if you’re a Muslim or if you give up your religion and become a Muslim, this or the other way. Welcome to the country of globalization.

I don’t want to make you wait more to have a laughing out loud experience which you’ve never had before. Let’s scroll the tweets by the legends of Pakistan.



Islamic State

The above two tweets tell you that before taking birth, they convinced God to make them Muslim and so share hugs with Islamic State. I also want to share one fact about A.Q. Khan, he calls himself the father of “Islamic” nuclear bomb. The nuclear bomb also has a religion in their country. Interesting!

General ISI

Chief ISI

Lieutenant-General Zaheer-ul-Islam welcomes Dr. A.Q. Khan’s advice with the open arms because if one extremely-brutally wrong is not a threat to Pakistan, it is always acceptable, no matter if it’s the threat to the world. Next U.N.O meeting should also be held in Pakistan.


I have never known that even, the social network also works with respect to the religion.




I respect this overwhelming step towards ‘Make in India’ campaign, Mr.Khan. Nawaz Sharif, Pervez Musharraf and many other officials have also visited India and met Modi, kindly do the needful soon.


Now, they are trying to ruin the business of Facebook from Pakistan. This can cause the crisis in Facebook. Alert, World Bank!


And what if Modi gets an invite from Pakistan? Not a bad deal, India.


Sorry to say that Mr. Khan is limited to toolbar only. How about Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, and so many applications and software which give access to speak out so affecting thoughts under public domain?


Here comes the chapter from ISI Chief. I request everyone to please listen to his request.


You must have heard about Shoot at First Sight. Now, this is the inception of a new policy. Salute!


This request touched my heart. The next target of MNS and Shiv Sena workers should be ISI office. Please butcher, cook and eat some more meat over there, if you are over with Jain’s community halls.


He’s the most intellectual person, I have ever seen debating on the Indian media channels. For every counter question, he always has only one reply, we will nuke India and laughs, and then, turns back to Kashmir issue.


They are very much concerned to India instead of their own country. So many dedicated countrymen!


Without giving the second thought, Pakistan should immediately threaten the US. Let’s see, how US apologizes to them, I wish not the same way, US apologized to Osama Bin Laden in their country.

With love, signing off from here, you must have known, what I meant and now, you really know. And if you don’t know about these insane personalities, please don’t miss to search and read their biographies.

A message to each and every one, forget the religion and discrimination, let’s be human, that’s the least to the mankind, we can do in this short span of lifetime. Peace!

I read. I write. A threat to humor, if one liners could kill. Twitter: @profylayush

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