Ayush Garg TVF Pitchers: Be The Beer And Flow To Witness The Magic September 6, 2015

Tu kya hai? Main kya hun matlab?
Tu kyaaa hai? Tu Beer hai BC.

When you know, you have plans to run a Startup, you have got those people with you to work for and moreover, as your back-end support while on the other hand, you are stuck into the circle of problems where the perimeter and area have no value and you only want to run beyond the circumference of that circle. It’s all about that gut-feeling and intuition which keep striking your head all day-all night to work for the Startup coming over one in a million, dreams make you think to turn out one in a billion by the way. And then this, TVF Pitchers rolls out everything to everywhere for which you get connected within the few seconds of its buffering.

TVF Pitchers has four Startup Enthusiasts (Naveen, Yogi, Jeetu and Mandal) and the story rolls around them from the very first step of exploring your skills to the final step of getting the cheque from the investor. The zig-zag paths of flowing a beer can be visualized in a second, lots of good and then more lots of bad are coming your way, you better knew it before. The way Pitchers represented the life of the Startup guys looks so lively and touching that when they mess up, you get angry and when they cheer up, you see a smile on your face. The reason behind is that you’re looking up yourself in those four, and you’re only thinking while watching it that which one is you. Arjun? No!

Aur ye CEO Head-Tail karke decide kar rhe hain.
All you can do is listen to your heart, maine dekha nahi yaar, maine suna hai.

“Beer” has got the new definition. “Startup” has got the new inspiration. Now, “Investors” know that if you’re going to pitch them, there are most likely 99.9% chances that you have seen the Pitchers so there are fewer chances for you to be troubled (just kidding). From the very first episode, Pitchers hits your that note from where you were paused a bit, halt for a second and haunted for the days long-long nights. Then, you start feeling that you’re a Beer (could be a Coffee too but it works well with the Beer as Naveen says) and you follow up the very next moment that you’re here to flow and have to.

Is desh ke graduates jab apni 9-5 ki job se bore hone lagte hain to bahar nikalne ke liye unhe sirf teen raaste soojhte hain: 1) MBA 2) IAS 3) Startup. 3 me se 2 cabin me sab startup founder hi baithe hain.
Do you really think your idea is one in a million?

There is a lot said about the Startups creating a different world and many have succeeded; being in the last Startup meet, GoIbibo founder Ashish Kashyap said that only 7 out of 100 get success in their Startups and from the next moment I started thinking the fact that Am I the one who’s sitting in this room of more than 100 Startup founders? And then the Shopclues founder Sanjay Sethi told us that when they came in existence in E-commerce world, they were the 35th which means 34 were already running at that point of time. The two different things and then, my head rolled up with so many thoughts, leaving me with so many doubts which can’t be expressed but you know, if you are one, you will be the one. That’s what TVF Pitchers tells you in their fantastic series of 5 grand episodes.

At Silicon Valley in US, people ask you “What is the product?”,
and here in India, people ask you “Why? Why Entrepreneurship?”

TVF Pitchers has got the class leaving no thing behind and hands down to their creative team. The every catchy dialogue with that tone which you’re always looking for at least not in Television but in Movies and you get to see such things happening very rarely. The perfect theme, the skilful locations, the lash background score and the magnificent cinematography make it one above all. From every pitch to hitch, TVF Pitchers takes you to some other wonderland of full of conviction and exploration.

Number tum decide karlo, equity main karunga. I want at least 51%.
But sir, that makes you practically the owner of the company.

For building any Startup, you need a team and to make sure that it runs, you need an investor. The race to grab one investor is that high these days that even Usain Bolt would have to “think” about it. Lot of Startup meets are happening around and interestingly, you meet different people from different genres and you realize, you’ve to convince and convince to not fall out anywhere, no matter you use a Jury Room or give it up for Chacha. All you need to be responsible, persistent, dedicated and motivated and then, you get that confidence to order a Baby Corn sitting in a lounge, no matter it’s Rs 1000/Kg or Rs 1200 in the market. By the way, are you underrated too?

Standing here, I don’t feel like an Entrepreneur but as a Contestant in a Reality Show.
And I am going to be eliminated without performing.

And on that note, I would love to thank and appreciate The Viral Fever team for bringing such series full of zeal with no less beers that love for the Startup and so, for the Beers have increased potentially reaching out with some unknown velocity. TVF Pitchers has been ranked 32 under the Top 250 TV Series of the world on IMDb, the first Indian TV Series to touch that freaking stand. More power to you, guys! Last but not the least, my favorite in the whole series is Jeetu and people gonna admire him for his brilliant and power packed convincing skills.

After watching you, guys, many will surely reach out to that island of investors where the magic happens.

The “Beers” behind TVF Pitchers:

Cast: Naveen Kasturia (Naveen Bansal), Arunabh Kumar (Yogi), Jitendra Kumar ( Jeetu), Abhay Mahajan (Saurabh Mandal)

Crew: Arunabh Kumar (Story), Biswapati Sarkar (Writer), Vaibhav Bundhoo (Music & Cinematography), Nidhi Bisht (Casting), Prashant Machhar (Editing), Amit Golani (Director).

If you haven’t seen it yet, tune to TVFPlay.com right away. Don’t miss one epic thing from your life.

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