Vipul Kumar Maruti Suzuki Launches Ciaz SHVS Hybrid: What To Expect? September 3, 2015

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Diesel SHVS is launched by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. on 1st September 2015.

First of all, what do you understand by this SHVS term? Well, it is termed as ‘Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki’ which has the word ‘hybrid’ in it, don’t get fooled by thinking it of a proper series or parallel hybrid vehicle, here we confirm that it’s just a mild hybrid tech that is incorporated in the Ciaz sedans’ diesel-powered versions.

So what to expect from this mild hybrid:

1) Lower Running Costs:

Although we have yet to test the vehicle, still with an ARAI certified figure of 28km/l, we are expecting a jump of at least 1-2km/l in the fuel economy, especially across the city or bumper-to-bumper traffic.

2) Change in Design and Interior:

Except a badge at the rear, there is no change in design and interior and the Ciaz still remains the same familiar face. In fact, if the badge gets removed from the back then it’s near impossible to identify this hybrid version in the crowd.

3) A Higher Maintenance:

Maybe the electrical system incorporated (which we will talk about at the later stage) would need a bit of maintenance. Initially, it was just the engine and gearbox powering the wheels, but now there is one more component performing the function and hence slight increase in maintenance can be expected. Adding to this, the hybrid version has got a larger battery and hence a higher maintenance cost at the time of battery replacement is unavoidable. What remains to be seen is that if the increased savings in terms of fuel can overrun this rise in net maintenance cost or not.

4) Ease of Driving:

Definitely, with an electric motor now assisting the engine at lower speeds, driving in the crowded streets or low-speed driving can get far better now.

Basically this SHVS system is an Integrated Starter Generator coupled with the engine which works as an electric motor to assist the engine and then converts itself into a generator at the time of braking, hence assisting the engine braking as well as charging the battery. Adding to this is the start-stop technology, which can stop the engine at red lights which get restarted again once the driver touches the clutch pedal.

Where Maruti Suzuki again surprised us is with the pricing they have adapted. Looks like Maruti Suzuki has decided to pass the benefit of subsidy on the hybrid vehicles by the government to the customers themselves and kudos to this step from their side.

The Ciaz SHVS has been launched at the price ranging between INR 8,23,000 to 10,17,500 Ex-Showroom, New Delhi and that’s a true competitive pricing adapted by Maruti Suzuki. Adding icing to the cake, Maruti Suzuki has now made ABS with EBD standard across the along with a driver airbag while the higher variants come with dual airbags. Also new is the addition of a VDi(O) trim which comes with dual airbags other than the standard features.

Feature wise pricing is as follows (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi):

  • Maruti Ciaz VDi – INR 8,23,000
  • Maruti Ciaz VDi(O) – INR 8,37,500
  • Maruti Ciaz VDi+ – INR 8,81,500
  • Maruti Ciaz ZDi – INR 9,52,500
  • Maruti Ciaz ZDi+ – INR 10,17,500

Overall, Maruti Suzuki has taken a step forward in the right direction and the pricing has just made already a sweet deal a bit sweeter. What now interests us is the word from a reliable birdie which says that the same SHVS will be now heading to Swift and DZire too.

All we can say is, all the best Maruti Suzuki and we have appreciations for you being the true flag bearer in a true sense in Indian automotive scene in terms of Hybrid Vehicle Technology, at least by bringing it to the mass market.

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