Ayush Garg Raksha Bandhan: A Festival Turned Into An Intention For Nazis August 29, 2015

Why do we continue nonsense rituals in the name of tradition? Is it Dharma or trivialization of Dharma?
– Nikhil Wagle.

The culture, tradition, and bond between a brother and sister unite an occasion of a festival called as Raksha Bandhan. I have always known and understood that Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) is a festival that celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters; the festival is also popularly used to celebrate any brother-sister relationship between men and women who are relatives or biologically unrelated. The festival is celebrated among masses sharing sweets, gifts, smiles and hugs, and tying a Rakhi to solidify the bond. People take leaves from their work and come home to celebrate the festival with their family, and it turns out a joyous occasion for every single being.


You know a lot has changed in the country from the past times, we’ve adopted a different culture. I still can’t figure out what it is, but it can be called as a My Choice culture. To a limit, it’s acceptable but then you know, we Indians are so good in exaggerating each thought or campaign that it turns out to become a tamasha for all of us resulting in the hypocrisy ruling with the uncountable number of bizarre acts.

A few days back, I was going through some tweets by people who really have some good following which state that Raksha Bandhan is the heights of sexism. Then I read, we don’t need any man to protect ourselves, we can defend on our own. Then, such type of tweets continued to follow up on the timeline. And I ended up in a state of uncertainty that are we growing in a positive direction for some good or are we taking a step forward in terms of hypocrisy for every bad?

The answer is we’re neither taking a step forward nor developing for some good. We’re only and only leaning towards hypocrisy and the sad part is that we enjoy doing it in every way for any reason we get. Pick up any topic, ask to put opinions on it and see how the battle begins. You will realize how lame are the thoughts and mentality that people possess and carry with a brave-heart.

These days two factors are at its peak and every bright day, these are turning out to become more bizarre.

1) Factor of Feminism.

The guys, the ladies, the celebrities, the media houses, the journalists, the literates, the illiterates, the fundamentalists, the theorists, the rightists and the rebels have exaggerated this theme so much that every real looks like a fake and the fake is already a fake.

The funny part is that people aren’t stopping doing this at all, and it’s getting contagious every single day, a rated version of hypocrisy and if you dare to criticize, you will be censored the next moment, my friend.

A girl posts a picture of a man telling people that he had abused and warned her, without listening to the other side of the story, it goes viral on social media within seconds and all the media houses start calling that man, a “pervert.” And then, when they came to know that girl is a hypocrite and did all this to get the fame overnight, they moved on without even thinking once what all had happened with that guy when the reason was them. The fact is they really never cared. This wasn’t the feminism ever, but still thumbs up.

2) Factor of Secularism.

People think that they are modernized, well-educated and broadminded, and then we follow such people. Sharing knowledge is always one good cheering factor but who knew, in this country, literates will exaggerate and play with the term “secularism” when you never know, they are actually secular or not.

Some say Hindu festivals are cheerful and then some say Hindu festivals bound us, and same happens with other religions’ festive occasions. But the question is who’re they to tell and teach us that? What matters is ‘to respect,’ and if you’re respecting each other regardless of considering their caste and religion.

But many people are speculating the festivals on the basis of religion rather than making it an occasion of contentment. Peace off!

Let’s see some tweets of today’s morning by some very literate and highly dignified people:


Source: Twitter.


Source: Twitter.


Source: Twitter.

These are the opinions of our modernized, organised and liberal people. What’s the real reason behind such opinions? Maybe this is another way to wish, they better know, I don’t even want to figure it out.


The whole matter, in fact, is that where our society is leading? Where will such opinions by these remarkable people lead the coming generations? What are we guiding and giving them? Yes, we feel very upright and support when the USA legitimates the same-sex marriage but we’re still stuck into the hypocrisy, either this way or that.

And now, we have come to this that we’re not leaving even any festival to deal with deceiving deliberation. Everything comes under the controversial figures within seconds, and it’s up to you how you’re looking and posing it, and that’s the least you can do.

At the end of every single thought, opinion or judgment, for the people who are above this not-so-interesting mindset, Raksha Bandhan is the festival of happiness and sharing the love, and will always be. It is to solidify the relationship between the siblings and so, the whole family (humans better know about it). 

So if tomorrow, you call what’s the need of celebrating Independence Day, because we’re independent, we can lead our lives by our own, we need no one nor such days to tell us the same, then dearest folks, please go to the border, and tell us, what do you think about? I will be more than happy to hear about.

Best wishes on the Raksha Bandhan. Love, care and rise above this humbug.

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