Guest TNT The Best Student-Friendly Food Joints In Mumbai August 21, 2015

Mumbai, a city that loves trying out new things – from fashion to food to everything in between. Mumbai is the place to be for any student – undergraduate or postgraduate. Why? The exposure, the people, the places and THE FOOD. People have a notion that eating out in Mumbai burns a hole in your pocket. And the notion isn’t wrong in a complete sense.

Being a student in Mumbai and a foodie is a trait that’ll land you in a number of amazing restaurants that might cost you a bomb. So, we list down a few “Student Faves”, handpicked – just for the foodie students.

1) Candies, Bandra

Candies Bandra

Candies is the haven for foodies. From lite bites to full fledged american dishes, you’ll find everything here. In the mood to bunk the morning lecture, and have some coffee and chicken puffs? Come on, grab a seat. Have a sweet tooth? You’ll find the best cheesecake here. Want some Roast Chicken for the soul without being broke for the next few days? Candies is the place to be. Why? Because no matter how much you eat, the price per dish is between 20-200 bucks. YES.


2) Merwans, Andheri


If you’re incredibly hungry and want some incredibly amazing puffs and rolls, Merwans is the place to be. It’s usually crowded at all times but the wait and the crowd is worth it. Get amazing rolls and puffs for just Rs. 20. Now, that’s quite a steal for Mumbai prices, isn’t it?


3) Anand Vada Pav

Anand Vada Pao.

Being an SVKM student, I completely agree with all the hype about Anand Vada Pav, opposite Mithibai College. If you’re new to Mumbai and want a bite into the taste of the best Vada Pav, this is the place to be. It’ll satisfy your hunger pangs and your taste buds just the same.


4) Aditi Fast Food, Vile Parle

Aditi Fast Food


Love Paav Bhaji and its kind? Aditi is the house of all comfort food. It’s Cheese Pav Bhaji which will melt in your mouth for sure. And the Dahi Puri is one of the best you’ll have in town. It’s the veggie food haven.


5) Quench, 7 Bungalows

Quench Cafe

This is one of my personal favorites. One of the most quaint and cute places for a hangout session with your close-knit friends. Play Jenga and Uno while you hog on some amazing Pastas and Sizzlers. Filling – to the heart’s content.


6) Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip

If you live for cupcakes, Guilt Trip is the ultimate place to be. One bite into the Oreo Cupcake and you’ll forget all guilt trips. Yes, it’s that amazing. Have 50 bucks to spare? You can easily have two of these amazing mini cupcakes.

These were the few “student friendly” eat-outs for the foodies in town. College can get tiring at times, and all that is needed then is some good food. Keep hogging, keep living!

This article has been written by Sulagna Chatterjee.

Featured Image Source: Flickr.

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