Ravleen Bali A Note To The Travel Diaries: Know Your Right Travel Partner August 16, 2015

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.” – Paulo Coelho.

While I was carrying on with my daily routine, which includes, waking up early, (trust me really early, 6:00 am for me it’s almost midnight, come on) and then working hard all day, then meeting few friends, eating, drinking, resting, watching T.V and sleeping and then doing the same thing again made me realize how badly I needed a break and how right Mr. Paulo was. That is when I thought, there is no better break than traveling. If you are ever feeling dispirited, wasted, exhausted and gloomy, then you have one simple answer that guarantees that you will find yourself back in track in no time. That answer is called traveling.

Now when we think about traveling, the first thought that comes to our mind even before we think about the destination is – who do we want to travel with. Well, you have many options for that but I am going to tell you why you should choose your best friend over anyone else as your travel partner.

  • Because They are Fun

The point of traveling is to have a good time, away from all the work, stress and tension. When you travel with the wrong person then the journey becomes a stress and you only want it to end as soon as possible. Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, any doubts?

  • You Guys have Amazing Compatibility

Remember all people in this world are not friends. You only get to feel the connection with few, that is the reason you call them your best friend. Now when the connection is already so deep and you guys have compatibility, it is time to explore new dynamics in your relation. You may be surprised to see how much you care about your best friend.

  • No Contradiction at all

You understand each other and hardly contradict. I remember going to Shimla for a vacation when I and my friends had contradiction over everything; be it Hotel, cab, or the night plans. My friend wanted to go to a night club, and the other one wanted to explore the market, talk to people. In this fight of ego, we ended up ordering dinner in the room and watching TV in the room. We could have done that at home too. There was absolutely no need to go to distant place to watch TV.

  • The Ever Lasting Tales

Sharing experience with your best friend makes it more exquisite. You get all those tales to tell people. You laugh at the same things and your bouquet of experiences gets more exhilarating. You already have so many stories between you that getting more stories with your best mate adds to the relationship fun.

  • There are absolutely no Formalities with your Best Friend

This is the best part. You don’t have to impress your best friend. You can be crazy, gross, lazy, actually anything you want to be and there is no one who is judging you. You can say anything that comes to your heart. If you see someone and have a crush on them, then your best friend will definitely act as a wingman.

  • Compromising

It’s best to talk about your ideas before you board the plane. If one of you plans to party until the wee hours of the morning while the other has you booked for an 8 am tour of the cathedrals, your conflict of interest will make you both tired, irritable and cranky. Talk ahead of time about what kind of experiences you want and how it’s possible to incorporate both of your interests into one trip. Compromise by going bar hopping one night and then spending the next day at an early afternoon tour of the infamous gardens. You’ll both get to experience the cultures in a way you want to, and even have the chance to learn more from a different point of view.

They will be the best persons to get you out of a messy situation.

There will be situations that could get out of hand when on a trip. Who is an ideal person that could help you out of it? Definitely people that know you best and have your interest at heart.

  • You are more Aware when you Travel with Friends

Traveling with friends endeavors you to have a clearer picture of how important your friends are and that they will always have your back in many situations. Life is a struggle and through some of the silliness you will know if your friends will support you or not.

  • You carry a Fragment of Home with You

With traveling, there could be some homesickness. You are in an unfamiliar territory and you wish you were at home snuggled up in bed. With friends around you, you have a piece of home with you that could offer some comfort and reassurance.

So, don’t think less, don’t worry much, plan out the trip with your best mate and make memories all over the world.

Hailing from the exquisite valley of Kashmir, I just love the bliss that lies in nature, people, thoughts and ideas. Being a journalist in progress, I love everything which is associated with this profession. Extrovert and sometimes a troublemaker, I believe in turning ideas into reality.

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