Guest TNT A Plateful Of Happiness: 5 Food Items That Help You Stay Healthy And Happy August 8, 2015

I know that consuming good food can make anyone happy. Come on, it’s a no-brainer. I don’t think anything is better than a plate full of truly scrumptious dishes and a bottle of wine to gulp them down. Wow! But, what if I tell you that there are certain food items that can make you happy. And I am not bluffing, my claim has been backed by research done by various universities like UCLA and the McMaster University of Ontario.

So, here I have a list of five nutrients and food items you must consume if you want to stay happy through and through.


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Well obviously, healthy food is happy food, and legumes are not just healthy, they are ‘healthier than thou’ items (if something like this exists, which I am sure does not). Legumes such as peas, beans and peanuts are stand-up sources of magnesium, a mineral that helps your body build energy. And it is especially helpful for those people who workout a lot. So the next time you feel low on energy after a stressful workout session, you know you just need to gift yourself some spicy peas and lentils snacks.


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When I was small, my mother used to tell me- If you want to have red cheeks, you should consume tomatoes. Well, seems like it is not entirely true, but according to a research, tomatoes contain a particular kind of antioxidant called lycopene that helps fight allergies and ensures that we stay healthy. Healthy cheeks are happy cheeks and happy cheeks are red. So it was not totally false either.

Dark chocolate:

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Even thinking about dark chocolate brings a smile to my face, but research backs its happiness benefits. The antioxidants in dark chocolate can trigger the walls of your blood vessels to relax, lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. Mmmmmmm, I am sure it is the most delicious item on this list. So chocolate lovers, rejoice, and next time someone preaches you about the harmful effects of dark chocolates, show him/her this article.


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If my diet were restricted to 1 vegetable in my entire lifetime, it would be mushrooms. Seriously, I adore mushrooms and can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are delicious, healthy and now a research has shown that they even help during mood swings, thereby reducing the risk of depression. Mushrooms are rich in selenium and research has linked a deficiency of this mineral (which doubles as an antioxidant) to a higher risk of depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Green Tea:

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Start your day with green tea and you will feel active throughout. No, not kidding- A Japanese study, conducted with more than 40,000 people, found that levels of psychological stress were 20% lower in people who drank five or more cups of green tea per day compared to those who drank less than one. So, drink a cup of happiness every day!


(This story has been written by Nishtha Sood).


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