Revati Vaidya Monsoon’s Style Tricks – This Season, Go Vibrant August 5, 2015

As the weather gears up to take a toll, it’s difficult to look intact. Though this season isn’t the favourite to many, it can dampen your plans and drain your frizzy hair and makeup. Ladies, it definitely matters what and how you dress up this season, and if you want to look urbane and be in vogue then just follow these latest fashion trends right. Don’t spend too much time and money worrying how to look effortlessly stylish, it’s all in your mind.

Breaking into the couture, try our tricks – It can be so flattering.

Everyone needs a hair colour 

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TRUST US! Hair colouring isn’t just about hiding the grays. Leaving the dull summer heat behind and to avoid the winter dryness, monsoons are the best season to get your hair coloured and look the most contemporary and hip. Be it Ombre or just a plain red colour, It can make you look confident and valiant. So wave away your damp hair, enhance the look and get that wow factor this season.

Go for khaki and palazzo – Keep it light and high-toned. Yes, the khaki classic always looks elite. You can pair it up with light coloured T-shirts or a plain kurti. Another comeback this year is the ridiculously comfy Palazzos. 70’s inspired, this outfit is comfortable and effortlessly versatile. Do some light layering or pair them up with a plain t-shirt and a statement necklace.

How about waterproof makeup – Come on, no one likes to get drenched especially in the monsoons where all the kajal smudge and the heavy foundation and powder makes you look damp. Go light and minimal with the makeup. Use some waterproof mascara, pat some blush and use light colored lipstick for that unblemished look. Remember, less is more.

Fold up your denims and knot those maxis

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You don’t always have to change your wardrobe according to the change of seasons. Fold up your denims and pair them up with a loose crop or tank tops. You can tie a knot to your maxis and wear a jacket on it to look chic. Hell yeah, you just started a new trend this season.

Keep your feet happy – Firstly, avoid crocs. They don’t make you look fashionable in any way.  Footwear is an essential part of your look. To make sure your feet remain mess free. Opt for wedges, loafers and gumboots which will make your feet look bright and comfortable. You can opt for flowery or stripped prints to freshen up the attire. Also, it’s hassle free.

Mood yellow –

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The warm hues of this colour. People are ready to experiment vibrant colors and make a gutsy statement. A touch of yellow will make your face glow and make you look modish. The colour itself is so lucent and creative. Though this colour is sure tricky, but pairing it up with right outfits such as brown or khaki shorts, light red maxi skirt or blocked with other bold colours. It isn’t that hard to flaunt this shade on the streets. 

Say yes to new hairstyles – Yes ladies, we get irritated by continuous rains and our hair getting wet. No, your hair sprays and straighteners won’t work here. Start experimenting a lot with your hair this season, with a tinge of fashion. Go for some loose waves and ponytails. If you want to keep it tidy and tight, opt for a clean high bun. It will make your hair less frizzy and make you look more confident. A lot of celebs and models on the ramp have been spotted with a high and braid up-do.

Must have accessories – Oh come on, our favorite accessory has to be the umbrella. But again, we women, we always want to look stylish. Keep the dark shades for the summers and opt for the bright ones instead. Head wraps are also must needed; this trend is always in the season. To make your hair behave, opt for vibrantly coloured scarves or a gorgeous head wrap. Avoid using leather bags; opt for an easy to go jhola or a sling bag.

We hope you found, what you always needed. Go easy and minimal this season. It’s just about being confident.

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