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“Hanging one culprit can’t compensate the deaths, I saw that day.”

If anything wrong has happened with you which brings you in a state of physical or mental discomfort, “where would you go?” Wrong could be anything which is illegal resulting into a crime according to the laws of the country. Yes, laws. So where would you go? Of course, you will not go to a cyber-cafe or sign a petition that a murder has happened in your family, please give us your signatures to make it reach to the government. The first and instant thought and step will be launching an FIR in Police Station. Next step will be filing the case against the culprit, known or unknown and will proceed to the court for  judgement so that culprits should get what they really deserve and what they deserve will be decided by our “Laws” regulated for court. Yes, laws. So who would you contact to appeal in the court? The first and instant step would be hiring a lawyer who can fight for until you get the justice but if lawyer/s starts pointing out or defaming the justice-power of the nation on which the belief and faith of 125 billion lives lie to get justice, in any case then where would you go? The story starts from here.

Last week, a terrorist named Yakub Memon was executed by hanging on 30th July 2015, before I say him a terrorist, I should rather change my word and call him a Popular Celebrity who became a Legend in a moment, and before he was hanged early morning that day, a lot of chaos happened across the nation which resulted in me to doubt on our orientation. I really have a big-big reason to doubt on our intention which inclines in every direction and even, goes parallel with incendiary to shout out loud for mercy, for whom who’s the reason behind shattering several families with deaths and causing enigma in survival, you can call it a seditious attempt in a way.

What we really are? We go straight challenging the verdict of Supreme Court, the judiciary of our nation where the hope of justice lies and yes, we shouldn’t have any issue in challenging the verdict, that’s what lawyers are for but after a verdict and that too, a final verdict, do we carry a right to protest against the law and judicial system of our nation? Even after that, recognized lawyers like Prashant Bhushan starts calling the verdict as Injustice and media people like Rajdeep, Sagarika, etc started coining a new term “Hindu Terror” in order to defend Yakub’s hanging, directly or indirectly, they better know about it. And then, on humanitarian grounds, I’ve heard Terrorism has no religion. By the way, mark this phrase: I’m gonna come back on these two people who use their Twitter handle as a ministry of some unknown governance and who’re they? It’s Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose, the not-so-combed journashit.

This is just a bit of it, let’s get more into thoughts of what we really are. There are numerous people like Kavita Krishnan who endorses peace by saying that “Please join the vigil at Jantar Mantar appealing for mercy for Yakub. Spread the word, please.” This “please” word hurts me more than that mercy petition. One more, a journalist called on Chota Shakeel, talked to him for around 20 minutes to ask his opinions over the execution of Yakub Memon and he confronted with an ease and spoiled us within a second. The low-toned voice of that journalist to Chota Shakeel calling him a Bhai made me more shattered. Now, we are on our way to bend to this nonsensical level for the sake of TVT ratings. Believe it or not!

In fact, it’s not just in one case, it’s become the trend of our society, we don’t even use our heart, and it is when our brain has stopped working already. Such statements by the so-called dignitaries of our country lead us to where? It leads us to the foul smelling gutter of sick mentality because of which we’re gonna remain an under-developed nation for decades, start counting from today, regardless of what we campaign for Swacch Bharat Abhiyan or run Bullet Trains across the country. The problem lies in the mentality and moralities, where that will bend, where will you take it and how will you spoil it, and this is the only cause letting us kneel down before every country in our bad times, that’s obvious but in our good times too.

Coming back on the note where I’ve said mark my words, it is said that Media plays a vital role in leading a nation. Media raises the voice of the country people for every wrong happen with them, no doubt, it has helped uncountable times but what if the media goes in the hand of the biased people? Earlier, it was going from the back-end, nobody knew so clearly that some shit is happening behind the camera but from 2 years, everything has become so open that our Media journalists whom we used to believe, and believe that they’re going to deliver every right became judgmental because they don’t like one person or a community or I should say they’re biased according to the people depending upon who’re good and bad to them. This is the today’s India journalism. A star of shame on the shoulder.

People like Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose, are so openly committed to speak-work-labor against the Modi government that their day starts from 2002, ends with 2002 and even, dreams are all about 2002. I know, what all had happened in 2002 in Gujarat is completely deplorable but with the fact, whom you have marked the culprit by your own judging policies swept out clean from the court, and I think, when you keep a bit faith in our country’s justice, you should have ended there only but didn’t.

Since when “journalism” became Judgmental? Come on, I know screaming out loud that nation wants to know this or that or trending top on Twitter gives you a sign of Stardom but why are you playing with the emotions and misleading the country’s people, just for the sake of TVT ratings and because you don’t like this or that government. Why don’t you keep your opinions in your personal account rather than convincing people on the grounds of a public platform? Seriously, if we ban Media or take away the degree from such people, half of the country’s problems will be resolved in a moment, and because you never know when would be the next time Shahrukh and Salman hug each other turns out to run this headline continuously 24*7 or if Dawood caught by the Indian agencies, what will they scream for? It could be for serving Biryani or one more Mercy petition or protest against the government, one more time. Yes, I know, we have a right to speech but remember, we don’t have a right to misguide.

So what we really are? Are you still figuring out the answer? Think about the ’93 blasts that took away the several happy lives, shattered families, some families ended up their generations there only and many are still suffering from it. I read that there is one girl who stated that her father is a victim of ’93 blasts who has several pieces of glass broke out during the blast running in his body with the blood. You could guess, how worst the situation it is, it was then, and then you ask for mercy, call out the chief justice at 2 AM in night to hear the petition once again, passing out the petition from SC to Governor to President making a game of gamble and this all had happened for whom? It’s for the plotter who handled arms and ammunition, purchased vehicles used in bombing and stockpiled the weapons to blast that day turned out to be called as Black Friday.

So called Humans: They didn’t concern even once for those families who got targeted and suffered the misery of pain through those blasts. They didn’t even thought for the justice to those families. They didn’t even panic calling Yakub Memon, a terrorist, getting mistreated. What they called it, is injustice and with more power, shouted that they will fight for this injustice till their last breath. And then, I started doubting on our orientation, morals and humility. I carry the faith in our laws and justice and will always be but pain for humanity exists all over the head cum soul, and trouble in vision that when are we really going to be developed, mature and sane, more than that, a human?

I hope, one day, we will really get the answer of what we really are with zero tolerance and hypocrisy!

I read. I write. A threat to humor, if one liners could kill. Twitter: @profylayush

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