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“We’ll not let you go off. Yes, we love you unconditionally. And this love is pure, and with every sip of you, we feel you more. You’re the true partner in our good times.”

Back to the times! A Dark Rum was introduced by an Indian leading manufacturer of liquor “Mohan Meakin” in the 1960s and since then it has changed the definition of a RUM keeping rest of the rum’s brands eccentric, OLD MONK became the world’s leading dark rum in a very short span of time. Superior in taste having a distinct vanilla flavour with an alcohol content of 40%, blended and aged for the minimum of 7 years, the Old Monk made its competitors to breath hard. Old Monk has no advertising or promotions as such but it becomes the first choice when it comes to the love for rum, make it more significant, dark rum. The word of mouth and loyalty of its customers say it all in regards to its quality and sense of taste which pay the verdict. It’s always become a pleasure for one to have it with the cola drink or soda, and some thunders play it on the rocks even, and then the journey with the Old Monk begins. Old Monk had been awarded gold medals at Monde World Selections since 1982 and perhaps the most IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) brand in the country. Now, that makes me go in a thought that Bacardi isn’t the most flashy drink, I’ve ever seen. No! Well, you can do one thing, have Bacardi on the table but make sips from the Old Monk, oh! come on, that’s what lounges are for. Don’t take me serious, that’s a joke, indeed. Throttle your brain, we’ve got much more to say.

Why did the sudden wrath happened that made it go viral on social media in a second of time, and its every lover felt a bit bad when the rumours displayed that Old Monk is living on prayers. Statistics displayed that its sale has fallen down by 54%(approx) and the company is about to end up manufacturing soon so it means that it will walk out from the market very soon. (Writing all this stuff gave me a sudden pain, I wonder how you would have felt after reading this.)

And now, the good news, it’s not going anywhere, it will suppose to make its lead in the market, it will keep giving a hard luck to its competitors and yes, they’re all rumours. Thank God! They were all rumours. So, you, all media publishing houses, keep calm and don’t make us wonder with your few notes that why we’re going to miss Old Monk.

In talks with TOI, S.N. Maingi, deputy general manager, Mohan Meakin said that “after reading on Facebook and Twitter that we’re going to stop producing our most popular brand, our managing director Hemant Mohan was shocked to hear this.” Believe me this gave us more shock than you, we’re not able to digest how the misleading figures are coming out, for a moment, I thought it might be a part of DBI, or maybe some giant is trying to camouflage the brand. And trust me, the coming winters, we’re not going to disappoint the Old Monk at all, the monsoon has already arrived, maybe few have already chilled with the dark gem bottle.

S.N. Maingi also quoted that “It is our flagship product. Old Monk is the pride of Mohan Meakin. Even if things were to go bad, Old Monk wouldn’t be the product to suffer since it is a priority for our organisation.” Now, this gives us a wow factor. I use to go in my good old times when there were bottles and bottles of Old Monk everywhere for the celebration, and with every bottle opened, it used to bring a smile on the face, for us that’s a part of our happiness, some good memories. Let’s cherish it more.

Everyone wants to try every brand, take it for beers, if you’re having a Tuborg, you would be satisfied that night but for tomorrow, you will surely pick another one to give a try, maybe you find it “more good” in quality and taste, and if not, then another one and same will continue till the time you end up having each and every brand, people like me have ended up this struggle in a month and then I came up with one brand to have it everytime to celebrate. Now, I’m thinking, what would be the readers feeling who hate these liquor things, even don’t find people good who have it, or are living on the soft drinks in every party or some of you have ended up having a breezer and if visited Goa, then might be a Corona. I’m still thinking! Well, not thinking much, let me get back to Old Monk because this is not the time to think rather this is the time to relive the Dark Vanilla Flavoured Drink – Old Monk.

Only one thing distracts me at moments and that’s beer, but I end up with it too in Summers because who’s gonna out to thrill with beers during Winters when the temperature reaches to some 10 degrees in Delhi, maybe more less, sometimes I use to, but most of the time, with this Old Monk. Clubs, are you listening? End up with Budweiser and Bacardi, and this time bring it on with Old Monk, then they will love the ambience more and people aren’t going to die with the Hangover, because for Old Monk, hangover doesn’t exist in their dictionary (what I feel, what I know).

Who all are thinking of other brands like Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Hercules, Mc Dowell’s, Jolly Roger, Contessa, Havana Club and Old Port, please don’t start comparing it with the beauty in dark, the Old Monk, because it doesn’t come under this league, it’s one above these all. Even the army people are more loyal to it, no matter the sales are declining, there were the days when it used to sell 8 million bottles annually and had a perfect dominance over the market. It would still have, but somewhat the choices are more and then, the youth call for lounges shattering down it itself. Well, I won’t comment on Malibu rum because of its unique coconut flavour added to it, alcohol content and price range, it belongs to.

What’s your call? It comes in six size variants, that’s from 90ml to 1 litre. So end up with the rumours, give your brain a chill-pill, plan for the dark drink, take out time on some weekend, call your partners not to booze off but for some good moments to make, and trust me, since then you will never worry for a Monday but for every Friday to come up as soon as possible. This time, it’s all about Pure Love.

*Information Reference: Times of India.

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