Ashish Rana Study Abroad Destination: Denmark July 14, 2015

Denmark, a Nordic country which is famous for its work-life balance and a stable economy, offers an unmatched study experience. The way of teaching is best in the world and education is really practical based which makes you learn greater than your theoretical counterparts.

Danish government spends a lot on education and provides free education to its citizens as well as European students. I’d spent my time at two business academies in Denmark namely Business Academy Aarhus and Dania Academy of Higher Education. I’d attended various lectures to learn about the Danish education system and I was truly stunned. Denmark has everything a student needs at first place that’s a phenomenal education system, practical based learning and calm environment (I don’t mean weather, it’s really harsh).


Mercedes, Audi and BMW? It doesn’t seems like a college workshop, but it is.


Study Abroad Denmark

No, it’s not a garage, it’s an automobile workshop at Dania Academy of Higher Education, Viborg.


Denmark is most famous and good for studies related to Business, ICT and Sustainable Energy. Although its one of the top university, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is famous for its Engineering too. Denmark is a small country (if you separate Greenland and Faroe Islands from the Kingdom of Denmark) and don’t have much to offer in Core Engineering fields but jobs are in abundance in IT, Business and Renewable energy sector.



Classes are much more practical than you could look up for, at Business Academy Aarhus.


When we think about a European country, the first problem we could think of is language. But you are lucky if you are in Denmark, every person from a scientist to a farmer, speaks good English there. Part-time jobs are easily available as well if you are little good in networking and have the will to do a job.


study denmark

Pros and Cons of studying in Denmark.


So many good things huh? Let’s know some negative points of Denmark through the eyes of a student. Denmark is among the costliest country in the world. Living expenses are high, average rent is about 400 Euros per month, count monthly expenses including food and transportation around 700-800 Euros. Food and transportation cost are also high after all Danish society is so luxurious and Danes live it like that.



Beautiful Danish countryside.


I think we are finished with negative points, at least we’re able to find one. Denmark’s countryside is so beautiful and calm and you can see windmills all over the Denmark. Danish cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense are biggest in the country and offer a good city lifestyle. Copenhagen to Sweden (Malmo) is just 30 minutes away and Germany is not that much far too. And yeah, it is better to have a bicycle if you are in Denmark. Danes have developed a bravo bicycle culture to say no to pollution and it’s also useful to save money from costly Danish transportation. Denmark has the best work-life balance in the world because Danes don’t work hard, they work efficiently.


Study Abroad Denmark

Remember I said hundreds of cars. So, I am not at any parking lot, these cars are for the students to work upon.


Even after, it’s little costly for non-European students. I remember my visit to Automotive Department of Dania Academy of Higher Education in Viborg, even though it is a small city and small academy but they have hundreds of cars for students to work upon and yeah I really mean hundreds. I envy students there because they are having hands-on experience on cars ranging from old to new and here are we, our university even don’t have a Maruti 800 and the engine they show us is just a model. I must say there is no comparison of Danish education. Good to Go!

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