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“You are talking about man and woman as friends. Sorry, that doesn’t have any place in our society” – M.L.Sharma (Defence Lawyer for Rapists).

Few months before, BBC released a documentary covered by Leslee Udwin on Nirbhaya Gang-Rape Case that happened on 16th December 2012. The case is an example of when the cruelty and inhumanity could be limitless, and a completely a disaster to the girl, family and the entire nation. The eyes were shattered, the courage had lost and faith to the humanity will never be revived. The guilty were those six people who really don’t have any regret or remorse to what they did, and we are now in 2015, when that BBC documentary came out which has mainly reflected the views of the family, doctor, psychiatrist, rapists and their lawyers and within a moment, government had banned its screening or publicizing in the whole country which led to the massive outrage across social media, people beliefs and their sentiments, pouring a restriction to the right to speech, so called one of our moral rights. When I saw that documentary on YouTube, I went in the mode of desolation, felt disgraced and a faith to the humanity was really looked blurred. The documentary arouse so many questions in my mind within a moment, which have answers but can’t be scripted, which have solutions but can’t be overcome and which have anger but can’t be attempted. One and the only solution to get over with these rapists is to hang them till death as soon as possible, and my heart says no sympathy to that Juvenile as well. When he can drink alcohol, when he can plan something that is so inhuman and when he can do to the maximum without any fear, how’s he turned up to be called a Juvenile? Age is just a number!

Now, I come to these rapists’ defence lawyers, they talk really high for the Indian Culture, they have their own perceptions, they have their own virtues, they’re married and they have their own children. Back to the note, why did I say that “they’re married and have their own children?” Keep your eyes on it. Back to the note once again, what does Indian Culture means according to them? and what are their own perceptions and virtues? Here I solve the mystery: Oh I forgot to mention the name of these two beauty-fool people, one is M.L.Sharma and the other is A.P.Singh, according to them Indian Culture has no space for a WOMAN. A woman means you immediately put the sex in his eyes. Yes, you read it right. Their virtue says a girl can’t go out in the evening, their perception says a girl is like a diamond, and if we put that diamond on the street, surely a dog will take it out, and you just can’t stop it. Don’t I know who’s the dog here? Well, what I feel is Dogs also have some sense but they don’t. Might be when they were born, they’ve read something about inhumanity and remembered as Indian Culture. And this is just a bit of their sick mentality. Misogyny or Prejudice against women are very small terms to label them. And now, the second thing is they’re married. They have their own children. But A.P.Singh says that if his daughter went out and “did the same” (hashtags), he would have burned her alive in front of the entire family. Now do you want to applaud for him or want to make his teeth out of the mouth? The story doesn’t end here, he proudly says that he stands by this statement. I remember there were times came in my life when I felt this is it that now I can’t bear it anymore but was that Nirbhaya’s case didn’t make them feel inhumanity even for a second? Even if they missed reading Moral Values books during their school days, what had their parents taught them, what education are they going to give their children so called the coming generation and how do they treat their wives? These questions run in my head all the time and I don’t get any answers to it but always left with a sigh.

“She looked like a cow looks after giving birth to a calf” – Witness.

When I go into the thoughts of what all had happened with her and what agony she had suffered at that time, the tears falls apart, an anger overcomes the fear and an unknown desperation arises. I wonder how could they do that? How could they had thought of it? And even after doing that crass, how could they freely state such an appalling statements? Their mindset is still the same, nothing has changed, it’s just Nirbhaya was alive then and she’s now no more. I feel pity for those lawyers who support them to their everything and fights for them putting them on a safe-side. Safeside? LMAO, sometimes I feel Saudi Arab has a great-great law and if they have one more thing to it that the one who supports them, no matter he’s a lawyer or the prime minister, must be sentenced to the same, that’s thrashing the little soldier out of the ring and then I would wish to see them abbreviating “Manhood.” It’s a complete disguise to the nation that it’s going to be almost three years and the judgement is still awaited, at least a relief that judge has declared it as the rarest of rare cases and deserves the death penalty. I feel somewhere, some beings must be running petitions in favor of these dickhead rapists. Lawyers, hope you’re doing good too.

“Might be the faith in humanity has fallen down, but the faith in law & justice breaths within me.”

Atrocious Statements with a Dreadful Perspective:

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In fact, we have a very rich tradition of tolerance as we move on by saying life must go on. But! Not in this case. The justice could have been delayed but awaited. Justice. And that’s Death!

Jyoti(1989-2012). She Had Dreams. Many Dreams. Big Dreams. She Had A Life. The India’s Daughter. RIP.


*Information Source: BBC Documentary on India’s Daughter.

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