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At a glance, you see a number and take it as ‘just a number’ but sometimes, some things happen for not just being at it but more of it. 27 is that number, right, yes I repeat, it has a story that will spark you which will make you realise that some of the times co-incidence happens to be real. 27 could be an age of someone, a rank, house number or you might say bank balance, yeah it’s truly okay with it but when you find it’s a group of number of rockstars who died at the age of 27 often as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, or violent means such as homicide or suicide, it generates a current in the body where their is zero-resistance and no effect of voltage in thought of it despite the fact V=IR, science students better know about this relationship.

Amy Winehouse. Jim Morrison. Kurt Cobain. You loved them listening. You all know how a star they were and are still alive in our hearts but they died at an early age and the thing to be notice is that all of them died at the age of 27. Quite a thrill! And when this number leaped involving many, it lead to form a club which has more than 50 celebrities or say rockstars who created zest among the youth but left us so early that when we heard about their demise, we all were left blank(shattered) and then this club 27 sparks more mystery in it. When I have gone through the list of it, I found a name Jim Morrison, and then I was like Really? and that curiosity lead me to here and when I saw the causes of their death, it made me more devastated.

If superstitions are to be believed then 13B & Curse of the Ninth exists somewhere and if not, they are still to be believed, with a note that it has no relation with Club 27 but mystery takes to contemplate for this too, atleast a moment. Period. There are number of rock stars listed who died due to motorbike accident when returning after shooting a music video, murdered, suicide by self inflicted gunshot, heroine/drug overdose, plane crash, road rage car accident, overdose of sleeping pills, gunned down in an ambush, alcohol poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning and many left lying upon unknown mysteries. The causes of death are quite shocking and give goosebumps at a moment and then we come to know that they all of them died at the age of 27. Exhausted to state that mystery continues and we call it by the name Club 27.

There are a number of songs which were oriented, composed and derived from the Club 27. The song “28” by John Craigie off his album Montana Tale, is about the club. The three verses refer to the deaths of Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain respectively. The theme is referenced in the song “27 Forever” by Eric Burdon, on his 2013 album ‘Til Your River Runs Dry.’ The name of the song “27 Club” by Letlive off their album The Blackest Beautiful is derived from the club. The song title “27” by Fall Out Boy from their album Folie à Deux is a reference to the club. The song explores the hedonistic lifestyles common in rock and roll. Pete Wentz, the primary lyricist of Fall Out Boy, wrote the song because he felt that he was living a similar dangerous lifestyle.

One of the recent demise happened was of Amy Winehouse, the well known singer and songwriter died because of alcohol poisoning in July, 2011. This news shattered the whole world and left shocking all of us around, many of her followers didn’t believed it but till then this lady had already joined the Club 27. Club 27 is the group of celebrities better known as rockstars globally who died mysteriously or with the causes which nobody believes at first but as we all know that the life goes on, it happened virtually though for us to believe. How one can shot himself who is earning some huge million dollars, working on his passion, have got fame around the world and then one night he shot himself leaving no space around? Chatters, peace, it had happened and I wish nobody leads to such a trauma death. It all has started in the year 1892 with the death of Alexandre Levy and continued since then getting along many of the lead vocal artists and for whom, the people breaths to listen them at live concerts, headphones or boost bass speakers.

Here is the list of the rockstars who come under this CLUB 27, in other words, “Hall Of Fame” mentioned their cause of death below (according to the timeline of deaths, from 1892 to 2014):

45) Alexandre Levy, Cause: Unknown

44) Louis Chauvin, Cause: Syphillis

43) Robert Johnson, Cause: Unknown(Poisoning) or may be some supernatural power involved in the pact with the devil

42) Nat Jaffe, Cause: High Blood Pressure

41) Jesse Belvin, Cause: Car Accident

40) Rudy Lewis, Cause: Unknown(Drug Overdose)

39) Malcolm Hale, Cause: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

38) Dickie Pride, Cause: Overdose of Sleeping Pills

37) Brian Jones, Cause: Drowned in Swimming Pool

36) Jimi Hendrix, Cause: Asphyxiation after overdose of Sleeping Pills

35) Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson, Cause: Possibly Suicide

34) Janis Joplin, Cause: Possibly Heroine Overdose

33) Arlester “Dyke” Christian, Cause: Shot

32) Jim Morrison, Cause: Official cause of death listed as “heart failure” but, as no autopsy was performed, the actual cause remains mysterious. Possible accidental overdose

31) Linda Jones, Cause: Diabetes

30) Les Harvey, Cause: Electrocuted by Microphone

29) Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, Cause: Alcoholism

28) Roger Lee Durham, Cause: Riding Accident

27) Wallace Yohn, Cause: Plane Crash

26) Dave Alexander, Cause: Pulmonary Edema

25) Peter Ham, Cause: Suicide by Hanging

24) Gary Thain, Cause: Drug Overdose

23) Cecilia, Cause: Car Accident

22) Helmut Collen, Cause: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

21) Chris Bell, Cause: Drove a car into telegraph pole

20) Jacob Miller, Cause: Car crash

19) D.Boon, Cause: Lying down in the back of a van when it left the road, he was thrown from the van and broke his neck

18) Alexander Bashlachev, Cause: Probable Suicide

17) Pete De Freitas, Cause: Motorcycle accident returning from filming a music video

16) Mia Zapata, Cause: Murdered

15) Kurt Cobain, Cause: Officially recorded as suicide by self-inflicted gun shot, although there remains much speculation

14) Kristen Pfaff, Cause: Heroin Overdose

13) Fat Pat, Cause: Shot

12) Freaky Tah, Cause: Shot

11) Rodrigo Bueno, Cause: Road Rage Car Accident

10) Sean Patrick McCabe, Cause: Choked on his own vomit after ingesting too much alcohol

9) Maria Serrano, Cause: Plane Crash

8) Jeremy Michael Ward, Cause: Heroin Overdose

7) Bryan Ottoson, Cause: Accidental prescription drug overdose

6) Valentin Elizalde, Cause: Gunned down in an ambush

5) Lily Tembo, Cause: Severe gastritis

4) Amy Winehouse, Cause: Alcohol Poisoning

3) Richard Turner, Cause: Heart Attack while Swimming

2) Nicole Bogner, Cause: Undisclosed Illness

1) Soroush “Looloosh” Farazmand, Cause: Murdered.

Many times deeds done at amateur age leads to paying you when you turn mature and becomes an another mask from within of yourself which connects to sometimes a regret and sometimes the death. When famous people die, the circumstances are often embellished and complicated until mysteries arise. The fact that Johnson and Brian Jones died at the same age as a series of other great performers has encouraged mythologizing.

Theories entwine around these unhappy lives until it becomes difficult to make out what actually happened. I wish not to see any more rockstars cum celebrities under this club. This 27 would never be “just a number” again. Controversy still swirls.


Information Reference: Wikipedia.org, Forever27.co.uk

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