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Before having your eyes on Salman Khan, my first lean question to you: Are we people (any citizen, any human or anyone) ABOVE THE LAW? Before you try to answer this, I must tell you there are many questions coming your way and so here I put my second question: When you say, you respect the LAW, does it only bother you till Justice for Nirbhaya or beyond that (here beyond means in each and every aspect of life, no matter how you relate to one)?

And before you think to answer these questions, don’t relate yourself to the brand “Being Human” because then you will turn biased depending upon whether you’re a follower of Salman or a hater, so it would be better that for an instance, you only think of being a humanitarian. Now, I guess you’ve got the answers, and if not I doubt.

Salman Khan carries a huge fan following around the globe, his movies maintain the high gross-level at the box-office regardless of what’s in the movie or nothing. He is a keen follower of doing charity and runs his own NGO “Being Human” popularly known as a brand to us. He has achieved a lot in his acting profession and so, follows the stardom globally. And that’s it! So does it make Salman go off the law?

People challenge the judgement and go hand-in-hand with him. There were tweets, posts and profile pictures which proudly state that “We’re with Salman, whatsoever.” The judgement came past week that he has been jailed for 5 years for driving his Land Cruiser over 5 people who were sleeping on the pavements along the road, among those one died and four were brutally injured. And the story started from here!

Ravindra Patil, the bodyguard of him at that time was the only one who had confessed that Salman was driving the car and he’s the culprit of creating this brutal scenario and then what all had happened with him made us highly saddened like he had lost the 30 kgs of skin within few years just like a decomposed material, what he was earlier and then is completely a disguise and disgrace for the society and dreadful, later he died in the year 2007.

Another is Kamaal Khan who was with Salman that night, went missing after few years, nobody knew and knows till date that where is he. So already two people had surrendered against the Dabang, and then Salman came out with one new angle after 13 long years that he wasn’t driving the car, it was his driver Ashok Singh who did that rage.

There were several other manipulated facts just to keep society away from the reality as well as Salman Khan, and his lawyer Harish Salve really did a good job to escape him but anyhow it was court who listened to the facts and made a fair judgement against him. 5 years of jail!

After the judgement shook the fraternity, Bollywood celebrities or “wanna-be” celebs came out with disgusting statements on Twitter, Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Farah Khan Ali grabbed the limelight by their deplorable tweets, no matter after a day or two, they asked for apology, that’s a big trend these days and then they went justifying their statements to public which in return gave them nothing but managed to maintain the word “SHAME” among us. Moreover, I prefer to use “IT” for these people instead of “HE/SHE” even if grammar doesn’t allow me to do so.

Now, if I ask someone that he was Salman Khan who drove that Land Rover but if he was a mango-man in place of him, will you be doing the same? Oh! Come on, I know your answer, you won’t because he has not done any charity, he doesn’t hold any power in his hands, he doesn’t possess stardom, he doesn’t have links to the big-fat people, he is not followed up by the politicians like Baba Siddique to the court, he didn’t have affairs with the lead actresses like Aishwarya Rai or Katrina Kaif, and he’s not the king of hearts because he is not Salman Khan. Am I right? To hell with this sick mentality and to hell with anything which comes against ill-humanity.

Everything from every side has turned to enough, and no citizen holds the count to stand against the law. What if I say that the one who died was your close one? Are you offended now, but why? Moreover, it’s him, if he goes inside the jail, how will he stay over there? How will he be able to shoot for the movies? Now, I want to ask you, why are you so worried about everything regarding Salman Khan? Does he pay you for that? Oh, I can understand you are trying to be being human. Hands down, guys. But have you seen the other side of the story before judging the law and stating “To Hell With The Law”?

Come on, hypocrites, don’t forget it’s you who take a stand for Jessica but can’t stand with the one who died that night! I read people saying that Salman did a lot for cancer patients, but does this justify an unlawful act? I also read those celebs stating that it’s because he is Salman Khan, people want to see him get into trouble. Okay. So getting a judgement on being found guilty is equal to making someone get into trouble then why didn’t you support all those who were found guilty in the Nirbhaya case? That was also a well-known case if I see it through your troubled vision.

Over-favoritism for one just because he’s Salman Khan doesn’t make you gain votes nor sympathy or his well-wisher. Make the thoughts run in your head, not somewhere else. Just biting notes for Salman with or without manipulating facts makes only the mockery of the law and justice.

Salman Khan is the true example of paying the immature deeds at the time of being mature. Even if I say, maturity comes with experience, not age but was that experience really mattered? Salman Khan goes to jail or not, doesn’t depend on anyone but dependent of how the trial runs in the court and how all the proceedings follow but can you justify me in how many cases have you seen that one gets an immediate bail from the High Court, the same day when the Session Court came out with the judgement of jail for 5 years?

It has no relation with manhood or Being Human, it has only relation with the law, and when you do a crime or go illegal in any way despite being a celebrity or a mango face, what matters is only the judgement against to whomsoever it concerns. And the irony is that if Salman Khan hasn’t got the bail from the high court that day, his followers had already planned to averse the law at marine drive, but thankfully, it hasn’t happened just because law turned fair for him granting bail to the bhaijaan. What a pitch-patched thinking!

For now, I guess Salman had a great time in Kashmir shooting his upcoming movie, even did a press conference stating that he would like to be an envoy for not just Kashmir, but India. And now, he is seeking the permission from the court to go to Dubai, and I think he will get that too because who wants to see him into trouble just because he is globally famed icon and does charity a lot despite being thrashed lives into dead because of drinking a glass of water in a bar where he sat down for just 10 minutes meeting his friends, and I don’t say this, his lawyer said that.

By the way, pavements are not meant to sleep but running cars on it actually doesn’t prove the purpose. Here I end with a note: If you still haven’t understood what I really meant to say, please buy a DVD of Jolly LLB movie, maybe then it clicks you a bit.

Image Source : Salman Facebook Page.

(The views and opinons expressed here are personal).

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