Ashish Rana Waiting During Flight Transfers : What Else You Can Do? May 15, 2015

Stop flights are quite affordable and give you a chance at least to touch and have glimpse of other country, for few people it adds +1 to their ‘to visit country list’. But with few pros, there are some cons too. You have to wait for many hours after being jet-lagged and it feels like trapped inside a happy cage. What can you do to make your waiting time at airport interesting? Here are listed as per my observation as follows :

1. Free Wi-Fi

I want to give a warning before you become little happy and start dreaming about free Wi-Fi that all airports don’t offer free Wi-Fi like Copenhagen Kastrup Airport. If an airport offers free Wi-Fi, you can browse social media and get more information about weather and other stuff. Well, everyone has their own way to spend time over internet. So it is always better to check in advance that airport where you are going to land for some time offers free Wi-Fi or not. If not, don’t worry you still have many things to do, keep reading.


2. Shopping

After booking your flight and knowing the stopover airport, it is always better to research in advance about the airport. Apart from free Wi-Fi, you can browse and get info about the duty-free shopping area and the stores located there. You can search for the offers online before you go and at least you will get some idea about the stores over there, whether they are in your budget even after discounts or the things, you wanna buy are available or not.


Generally, duty-free areas have big brands, so even after 50% straight discounts they are not affordable to many economy class travelers. Do not to worry, there many good deals which you can find roaming around in the shopping area especially on liquor and chocolates. Well, who doesn’t love to buy a bottle of wine for friends and family.

Tip: Don’t think to buy souvenirs from airports, they are over rated.

3. Relax

People who can’t sleep during flight and feel restless inside the cabin, always look for some place to relax at the airport. Fortunately, many big airports now have sleeper chairs and even beds too, to relax and sleep for a while. By the way, sleeping can risk your flight to miss, so better put an alarm in your phone and don’t snooze it.

Relaxing and bird-watching, was all I did at Helsinki Vantaa.

Relaxing and bird-watching, was all I did at Helsinki Vantaa.

4. Sight-seeing

We are not talking about going out and visit the city, we are talking about sight-seeing from inside the airport. Some airports like Helsinki Vantaa provide spaces from where you can watch nearby city area and flying airplanes. I bet most of you enjoy watching airplane to take-off and landing, so airport is one best place where you can watch them with a better visualization.

5. VIP lounges

If you want to enjoy more than others, you have to pay more. Almost all airlines have their VIP clubs and provide private lounges to travelers at airports where they can chill, work and spend some quality private time, which includes 5-star food with variety of cuisines, hotel like services and much more. A must place to check-in.

6. Food

After a long flight when you are waiting for your next, the first thing strikes your tummy is to eat. This can be the time you can taste different cuisines and regional food of that country. You can refresh yourself with some exotic drinks and food.


If you are not carrying your credit/debit cards, then don’t forget to have some cash in the currency which they accept at that airport. Generally US dollar, Euro and the local currency is widely accepted almost at all airports.

7. Read and write

If you don’t really want to do anything from above mentioned options, the best thing you can do is to read something or write. All you need is a book, and it is free and quality way to spend time. You can also write about your experiences during your travel and post some reviews, like I also did for a while and now sharing it with you.

We wish you happy journey and happy layover. And never forget, big things can come in small packages.

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