Vipul Kumar The Wine, Bottle and Sticker Way : All New Fluidic Verna 4S Bangs With 4S’s Limits. May 8, 2015

With due respect for the well respected WINE (Wandering Infinitely and Never Engaged), heck, who on this earth doesn’t love the long necked bottle with a magical liquid inside (I am sure some society have now started a search operation for finding me after reading this statement). We neither advocate drunken driving nor do we advocate drinking wine on the road, then what the WINE is doing here? Well, sorry for disappointing you guys; here at The Naked Truth, the WINE is playing a different role (Don’t curse me, curse the people who made this wine and bottle phrase).

We have a couple of cases of wine and bottle; here are some examples, the automotive way of course:

a) New Body + New Engine + New Name = New WINE in New Bottle with a New Sticker.

b) Old Body + New Engine + New Name = New WINE in Old Bottle with an Old Sticker.

c) Old Body + Old Engine + Old Name with cosmetic changes (Facelift you know!) = Old WINE in slightly redesigned Old Bottle with an Old Sticker.

d) Old Body + Old Engine + New Name with cosmetic changes (Phew! Facelift again) = Old WINE in Old Bottle with a New Sticker.

Does that read idiotic? Doesn’t matter; that is idiotic indeed. Now let’s try to evaluate the ‘All New Hyundai Fluidic Verna 4S’ in the wine, bottle and sticker way. Why such an approach? Because here at ‘The Naked Truth’, we people believe in putting the truth in your face but in an easy way and what can be easier to understand than the WINE?

So what the new Fluidic Verna 4S is? In fact what this 4S denotes? This is what the official website of Hyundai says:

Verna S's

So four S’s (that really sounds like asses though, no pun intended) in Hyundai Fuidic Verna 4S are:

Stylish Exterior: It was already stylish but the new design is a welcome. The Verna looks way better with the new front and looks a lot more matured and of course a bit premium too. On the rear you will now find some sort of LEDish treatment and slight change in the design of reflectors and the rear bumper. All in all, one needs an eagle eye to really differentiate between the older and new gen by looking at the rear. And yes, a goodbye to the dual exhaust pipes too! That sounds like a lack of character, that is :

The new headlamps really look very up market and there are no DRL’s, in fact the older ones also never looked that great. What we liked most is the new alloys, they look great and sturdy and do their job very well in enhancing the look of the already beautiful lady here. Al in all; thumbs up from our side.

Sophisticated Interior: Open the door and Hyundai Fluidic Verna 4S feels the perfect form and function combo. Lavish is the word that defines the interior. The plastic quality is great and so is the fit and finish, there is a very neat attention to detail and one will never feel shortchanged for their money. Looks and feels a value for money deal? Indeed, it is. Better textures and even better is the choice of colors selected for the display in head unit of in car entertainment system or automatic climate control. But it still feels old, there is no touch screen interface, still no rear A/C vents and there is no cruise control too. Definitely the Fluidic Verna was a benchmark when it was launched for the first time, but the story isn’t same now. Al in all, just okay feedback from our side; our expectations were really high here.

Speedy Performance: Nothing much to say here and let me cut it short. The potent motors are there in the same state of tune as they were and same is the gearbox. It is good though and is acceptable by every measure. Maybe Hyundai has reserved the new engines for the new car which they are going to launch in coming years. Engines are good and nothing much to complain.

With engine comes ride and handling, although Hyundai has significantly improved it but still don’t expect Skoda Rapid or Honda City like ride and handling. Low speed ride is very settled though and the suspension movements are also very well under control, one shouldn’t find much to complain upto 120 kph speeds in fact. Light EPS (Electronic Power Steering) is again a boon in city and turning the car in tight spots also feels very relaxed. Not much applause here too, we needed some more. And yes; Hyundai, where are the rear disc brakes?

Safer Drive: Nothing new to be precise, same ABS and dual airbags setup in regular variants with 6 airbags on the top end trim. Instead the rear discs are also removed. No need to stretch long here, we are just disappointed on this one.

So, going by this 4S thing, we can easily conclude that Hyundai Fluidic Verna 4S is although a fantastic car but going by the fact that it’s a recent facelift, here is our conclusion :

Hyundai Fluidic Verna 4S = Old Wine in Old Bottle with a New and Better Looking Sticker, priced higher but the amount of wine is reduced a bit (Rear Discs are gone after all).

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